Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jewish Israel, Now in Hebrew, Too

Jewish Israel's Ellen Horowitz has been blogging on this site/blog since before there was a Jewish Israel site.  And even now I encourage her to post here, because I consider the information on Jewish Israel to be extremely important and am proud to participate in their information campaign. 

That's the reason I consider it very important to publicize their Hebrew site, yes, Jewish Israel in Hebrew.

Please pass the link around to Hebrew readers, who can't get the necessary information from the English Jewish Israel.

Shavua Tov
Have a Wonderful Week


Shulamit said...

On behalf of the Jewish Israel team, thank you for your ongoing endorsement and support.
We hope that by making our information available in Hebrew, as well as in English, many more Israelis will become aware of the severe challenges we face in our relationship with evangelicals.
With appreciation,

Shulamit Leibler
PR Director

Keli Ata said...

I want to put the link to the Hebrew JI site on my blog.

Can someone tell me how to write Jewish Israel now in Hebrew

Transliterated and in Hebrew script.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Keli, it says on the site:

ג'ואיש ישראל

Batya said...

Shulamit, my pleasure. Thank you for your hard work.

ellen said...

It's essential that the information we've been publishing get dissemninated to Hebrew-speakers. So we're pleased at this development and hope to have a more comprehensive Hebrew website in the near future.

You've certainly done your part to get the word out!

Batya said...

Some of my neighbors aren't pleased.

anita said...

Batya , you are in good company . Some of my aquaintances whose organizations are being funded by some of these Evangelical organizations are also not pleased that I am on the board of Jewish Israel and that I try to make the info available to all whom I meet and know.
"Don't confuse me with the facts" has never been a very acceptable statement.
The well researched and accurate updated information on the various Evangelical(means missionizing) groups and who their board members back and support allows me to chose my Christian friends according to those that truly respect our right to our faith as I respect theirs. There is no doubt that we are grateful for the support and friendship of these.

Batya said...

Anita, there's too much naivete and desparation for the money that all these Jewish Israeli groups are getting from the cristian groups.

Anonymous said...

To put it another way, Batya, there's a little too little Yir'at Shamayim and way too much Yeitzer Harah.

Am I being judgmental? Yeh. Just as those involved are being subjective.

Batya said...

Yes, Shy, exactly...