Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Terror, No One's Immune

As a victim of a terror attack, lightly wounded when an Arab terrorist ran into innocent Israeli civilians waiting at a bus stop almost fifteen years ago, I was given a very personal lesson in how we can't control terrorism.  When I complain about the dangerous route of the new, soon to be functioning (at least that's what they tell us) multi-doored (impossible to guard and supervise) Jerusalem lightrail, which goes through Arab neighborhoods considered dangerous for ordinary Jewish Israelis, I've been saying:
"They planned it as if it was in Arizona, like the Phoenix lightrail."
Did I give Arizona an "eyin haraa," evil eye, like a jinx?  The Tucson, AZ terror attacker murdered a little girl who was davka born on 9-11, the date of America's largest terrorist attack.  If that had been the plot of a book, nobody would have accepted it. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, whose Jewishness is not accepted by mainstream Torah Judaism, may have been targeted because of her Jewish identity.  There's no proof that Jared Loughner shot her for that reason, mainly because he has not been cooperating with the authorities and hasn't revealed his motivation.  Everything so far is guess-work.

I guess Arizona isn't all that safe.  There's deadly hatred all over.

Is this connected to George Friedman's theories, predictions about the next decade?

hat tip: IMRA
It certainly looks like things are getting more dangerous all over the world.  The Arabs, the Muslims aren't afraid.  They are enthusiastic and aren't restricted by PC norms and morality.

If we're going to defeat terrorism of all stripes, we must open our eyes and take off the gloves.  They won't be destroyed by Lala Left sweetness.  They consider their enemies weak jokes and they're right about it.  We must fight force with force.


Moriah said...

When only one side is civilized and clings to the norms of warfare, contrary to what the Utopian Left would tell you, it's not being "Better than they are" It's suicide.

Batya said...

Exactly, weapons like medicine must match the enemy and illness.

yoni said...

gifford " was targeted because of her Jewish identity"- batya

i of course immediately started researching the heck out of this, as soon as it hit the news, having the same suspicion, and after much effort have come up with NOTHING, and you offer no evidence in your post. regardless of her "halachic standing" as a jew, do you have ANY evidence to support this? if so, i'd be interested in seeing it. and if not, "scholars, be careful with your words."

Batya said...

Yoni, some of the Jewish news sites were saying it because the shooter was into Nazi stuff.

Anonymous said...

Batya, there was such a lead 2-3 days ago. Not anymore.

Batya said...

thanks, I knew I had seen it

yoni said...

sorry batya, but if you had "seen it" you should have linked to it or quoted it. you (and "shy guy") should both be aware that some random (and, in the end, false) accusation on "some blog", jewish or not (and this is one btw) about alleged "nazi connections" does not in any way constitute evidence of anything. disappointed in your "bandwagon jumping" (shaky and almost nonexistant as the "bandwagon was), and in your casual accusation, which would and could and probably has by now been used by other "stam bloggers" to make a mountain out of a literally nonexistant molehill and contributing in this way to the VERY existant mountain of misinformation and r'chilut and motzi shem ra on the interwebz (even in such a small way). "shy guys" (a misnomer if ever i heard one) lame "defence" of this, and your willingness to accept it were, in tandem, REAL evidence that my advice to "scholars" to be careful with their words was in fact directed at the wrong people, who are clearly not scholars of any sort but purveyors of any information, false or not, which furthers their agendas. and much as i agree with these agendas, in both your cases, i cannot be a party to the use of any casual rumour, uninvestigated and misunderstood, merely to push an "agenda" that i happen to agree with, namely that jews, those who perceive themselves as jews (even if they aren't) and those who are perceived as jews (even if they aren't) are, in fact, targets in this messed up world.

this is a fact, and there is plenty of evidence to back it up, we don't need to make stuff up or jump on every unsubstantiated rumor. what you and shy did here is, imo, no different morally speaking than what the msm did with the "al dura" issue, except that you (i presume) didn't actually go out and shoot, or pretend to shoot the woman in question and film it with the intention of slandering our enemies.

other than this, the similarities are striking (to me) and some humility or perhaps an apology would be appropriate on your and shy's parts, as well as the unnamed "jewish news sites", rather than clapping each other on the backs and making excuses for your (and their's) casually foolish words/lies. if we want to hold the arabs to some standard of truth, we've got to do better than this, if only to avoid (chas v'shalom legitimate) accusations of hypocricy. in your zeal, and with good intentions i'm sure, i tell you straight: YOU'RE NOT HELPING.

reworded for the modern, a.d.d, short attention span world: "scholars (and "jewish bloggers"), be careful with your words. and if the scummy ny times can print a "corrections" section, maybe you (and all "jewish bloggers") could at least have the decency to do the same, rather than "circle the wagons" over every misjudgement or, as in this case, jumping to conclusions based on the flimsiest of evidence.

i criticize because i care. i do not mean to offend. we are on the same side and i'm not interested in getting hit by "friendly fire".

Batya said...

Yoni, I had to rescue your comment from blogger's spam bin. I guess it's the length.

I stand corrected and will edit the post. You are correct on this. I must be able to back/embed such statements.

Anonymous said...

"you (and "shy guy") should both be aware that some random (and, in the end, false) accusation on "some blog", jewish or not (and this is one btw) about alleged "nazi connections" does not in any way constitute evidence of anything."

Um.... that was exactly my point to Batya.

yoni said...

batya, well done and kol ha kavod and thank you for being the decent person (and jew) that i know that you are.

shy guy, nice try, and i don't want to "get into it with you" yet again in a public display of animosity between people who, after all, mostly agree on most of the core matters this blog is "about". but imho you are still, like pharoh, "in de nile" on this. your explanation of your intentions regarding your post that i referred to ring false to me.

on the other hand, you are obviously intelligent and well informed, and i'm glad to have you on our side, our personal differences in "style" and occasional sharp disagreements notwithstanding.

thank you both for responding to my perhaps overly long and sharp-tongued comments. we can hang together, or hang seperately- that's pretty much how i feel about the bottom line here.

JDL London Canada said...

Neither are we here. Pls have a look at the link ... And you thought your neck of woods was 'peaceful'...


Batya said...


Anonymous said...

Yoni, babble away. Your accusation against me is baseless - apparently wishful thinking on your part. Pity your desperation.

yoni said...

"shy guy"? is that really you? "pity" is not something i've ever heard you express, i suppose i should be grateful.

i'm way past "desperation", fyi, and in fact more involved in pity, for our nation, and the fact that people like you don't seem to have any, even for your "brothers".

perhaps i was wrong about your intentions, but i expressed my opinion on them without resorting to insult, out of respect for batya. but i warn you- if you want to get into an "insult contest" with me (which won't happen here because of the respect i mentioned, and knowing batya doesn't want to see it)- believe me, "brother", in spite of your being "intelligent and well informed" (an unappreciated compliment i threw your way, pearls before swine etc.) i could wipe the floor with you and you'd never see it coming. learn some humility, and if there were another forum i could use to "help" you in this i would welcome the oppurtunity with relish. if you have any suggestions regarding this that won't lead to the destruction of your mama's basement, i would welcome the challange, "brother", to help rid the world of one more poser with an over-inflated ego. i will even give you this as a head start (which you will need, believe me): you are right, i may be guilty of "wishful thinking".

ready when you are, tough guy.