Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So Easy To Lie

Not for the first time have the Arabs played their "the Israelis killed --" scam.  The latest is the story of a woman who was allegedly killed by tear gas far from a protest.  As usual, the so-called victim has been buried and never examined by an impartial experts.

But the international media doesn't need proof.  Allegations are enough when it comes to accusing Israel of a crime.

Just over ten years ago they accused Israel of killing Mohammed al-Dura.  It was proven to be a total scam.


Anonymous said...

It makes no difference to me whether she was killed by teargas at a protest or by her family in their "honor".

Play with matches and get burned.

Anonymous said...

The latest blood libel is here.

Time to ban all of the fake “human wrongs” or “human lefts” organizations. They are enemies of the state, terrorist enablers. Shut down their offices, arrest and deport their members. Let them drink the waters of the East River.

Anonymous said...

Did another post of mine get swallowed up, Batya?

Mike said...

there are some things I did not understand in this report.

Did I understand right that the report claims the child is still alive and never died?

Now, if that is the case, there should be a possibility of investigating if the child of that name is still alive, but the report does not mention it anywhere.

Hadassa said...

Mike, no-one, from any nationality, ever claimed that the child didn't die.

Mike said...

Ah, I see.

Because I thought from the report that the fact that the child moves its arm after the shooting indicated it did not die.

So I understood from this report that everything was a hoax, and the minute after Mohammed al-dura stood up, and went home to play with his siblings.

So they are not claiming this, they agree that Mohammed al-Dura did die.

So what is really the claim of the report?

Keli Ata said...

"According to Palestinian soources..."

"According to aliens from another planet..."

Anonymous said...

From Prof. Richard Landes' Al-Durah FAQ:

10. Is the boy still alive?

He may be or may not be. Most believe he is dead. There are some who believe he is alive. Our position is agnostic. We only assert that the last time we see Muhamed on Talal’s tape that afternoon [link to scene 6 of 59 seconds], he is still alive. What happened to him afterwards is a question we do not feel we know enough to decide. A comparison of the picture of Muhamed al Durah from his home, and the face of the boy at the hospital who was later buried, do not match very closely. A good investigation – which should have occurred immediately after the claims were made – may well reveal the tale of his fate.

Batya said...

Shy, I'll check where I found your other comment. Blogger is a bit paranoid.

Esser Agaroth said...

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