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(a guest post by Mr. Cohen)

The Three Weeks are not mentioned in the Talmud. 
They were created in response to the massacres of
the Crusaders, which occurred seven centuries
[700 years] after the Talmud was sealed.

According to Sephardic Halachah, there are no
Three Weeks and no Nine Days; there is only
the week of Tisha BeAv; and when Tisha BeAv
is the day-after-Shabbat [Sunday], there is no
week of Tisha BeAv, there is only Tisha BeAv itself.

In our times many Sephardim abandon their own
Sephardic Halachah and also abandon their own
Sephardic pronunciation, because it is easier to
follow the majority. Many Sephardim, especially
those who attended Ashkenazic Yeshivot, do not
know that the Three Weeks and the Nine Days
are NOT Sephardic Halachah.

Other Sephardim assume [incorrectly] that when
it comes Halachah, stricter is always better, so
they abandon the lenient Sephardic Halachah
in favor of the often-stricter Ashkenazic Halachah.

Contrary to what many Jews believe, stricter
Halachah is NOT always better Halachah!
Sephardic Jews REJECT Reform Judaism:
The part of a fish locked inside that bony
triangle tucked between the gills is called
The Collar.  It is the most flavorful part
of the fish, but most fish stores do not sell
them because they are ugly.  Ask a fish store
for The Collar, you can probably buy it cheap.
Grilling and intense marinade are recommended.

SOURCE: Men’s Journal magazine, July 2018,
volume 27, number 7, page 24, article:
Hot Around the Collar by Adam Ence
Sephardic Jews REJECT Reform Judaism:
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