Thursday, July 19, 2018

Enjoying a Day of Tanach/Bible at Herzog

For my summer treat, I signed up for a day at Michlelet Herzog, Herzog College's Tanach/Bible Yom Iyun. It's not cheap, and next year I may try a different program.

But I must admit that some of my favorite Tanach teachers are at Herzog, and I like the fact that I can study in both Hebrew and English. OK most classes I sign up for are in English. When you're dealing with five challenging and information filled lectures in one day choosing native tongue is a wise decision.  It's much easier to absorb the material.

To be perfectly honest, there were times I not only couldn't follow, but I even dozed off. But please remember that I had spent the day before at Kenes Shiloh, which not only was full of lectures until late at night, but began with a tour/hike in the hot sun.

I'm glad that I went to Herzog, even though I wasn't the ideal student. FYI the shiurim/lectures will be posted on their site. I plan on listening to them over and over. That way I'll really get my money's worth.

If you attended, what was your experience?


Mr. Cohen said...

Midrash Rabah, Seder Tisa, Parshah 41, Paragraph 5:

A Torah Scholar must be expert in all 24 books of the Bible (Tanach)

Who are the Palestinians?

Did Captain Kirk believe in negotiating with terrorists?


Batya said...

As you can see in the photos, men and women studied together.