Friday, July 20, 2018

How Was Donald Trump Elected to the US Presidency?

First I'd like to make it clear that this isn't an article supporting Donald Trump as a person. I admit that he's certainly one of the least attractive and certainly one of the most problematic US Presidents ever elected. But Donald Trump was elected, because the Democrats put up a candidate, Hillary Clinton, with more faults and less charisma.

How Was Donald Trump Elected to the US Presidency?
  1. Trump was elected legally, according to American Law
  2. Trump was nominated because now there's a primary system, rather than allowing the politicians to wheel and deal.
  3. Many Americans were completely turned off by Democratic policies and so-called "successes" of the Obama administration.
  4. Hillary Clinton insulted many voters.
  5. The Democratic Party has moved to the Extreme Left. 
  6. Many Americans feel under attack by the Left/Democrats.
  7. Donald Trump made many Americans feel more confident in the future. 
These are my observations from abroad. I've been living in Israel for almost half a century. In all honesty, I'm not only glad that we made the move right after our wedding, but I'm sure that if we hadn't done it then, we, too could have been sucked into American Jewish life.

As Israelis who've lived in Shiloh thirty-seven years, we had no problem seeing the growing antagonism from the United States. The anti-Israel policies that had formerly come mainly from the State Department, has now spread to almost all parts of America, academia, the Democratic Party, the media and hollywood. Please don't forget that Obama ended his presidency with a strong attack on Israel in the United Nations. 

All we in Israel have left in "our camp" are some committed Jews, mostly Orthodox, but not all, middle America and the Evangelicals. Coincidently, they are the same Americans, on the whole, who voted for Donald Trump.
  • They are the ones who just can't forget how Hillary Clinton as FLOTUS kissed Suha Arafat after a hateful, lie-filled anti-Israel speech. 
  • They are the ones who aren't overjoyed at the legality of same-sex marriage being legalized, one of the great accomplishments of the Obama administration.
  • They are the ones who prefer to check the policies and platform of a presidential candidate, rather than the sex or race. 
  • They are the ones who don't want how-to sex education for young children.
  • They are the ones whose children serve in the US Military and Police Forces.
  • They are the ones who don't think that a person's sex can be changed by surgery and hormones. 
  • They are the ones who believe in absolute values and rules.
  • They are the ones who fear that their country has been hijacked by radical extremists who not only rioted when they didn't like the 2016 Presidential Election results, but have made it difficult for others to voice opinions.
From my vantage point halfway around the world, I see the United States losing basic democratic values. The media and academia are preferring to voice and accept only one opinion. 

My husband and I greeting US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center
What do you think about my points?


Mr. Cohen said...


Anonymous said...

He was elected for the simple reason that 1) all kings, leaders are selected by H'. The 2nd reason is that the people wanted someone real and not a phony politician. He was famous for being an extremely successful businessman and for that reason also, the public thought he could set things straight, which he had set straight for many of the problems that were created and left by former administrations. His bluntness is also a good sign of his honesty (whatever is on his mind/heart is on his tongue). He has accomplished in these almost two years more than all the others in their two terms. He is constantly fighting an uphill battle, being there are many turncoats within his party and the whole democratic party is now a socialist/leftist party with many extremists. This is all part of the global network working against him because he is patriotic to the country and they want universalism. Of course, the main culprits are the mainstream media (worldwide also). If he continues to be good for Israel and do G-D's Will, he will succeed further. In the end, H' is in control!
Probably the most obvious logical reason he won is 'look who was the alternative', r'l.
We see here the rachamim of H' that things are slowly turning around somewhat peacefully as He is giving the Jews and the righteous time to do teshuvah by standing up for righteousness (H's Laws). How things will continue is up to us to do the right and, thus, bringing us Moshiach Tzdkeinu that much faster.

sheldan said...

I think the reason Trump was elected was primarily because voters did not want Clinton rather than because they liked Trump. That is really no reason to elect someone--and for the first time this election had two nominees that no one really liked. And because one of them had to win, we were stuck no matter who won.

Clinton had all that baggage. And the Democrats still nominated her. Unfortunately, the Republicans chose the worst possible candidate and nearly blew it. Trump was very lucky. Apparently the voters were willing to overlook a lot to elect him, even with a flawed candidate like Clinton.

No matter how you try, you will never convince some of us otherwise. If the only reason anyone defends Trump is because otherwise we would have Clinton, this tells us about the sorry state of the United States at this time.

Joohead said...

After the election results were announced, I mentioned to several folks -- jokingly -- that some American Jews were probably sitting shiva as a result of the Clinton presidential loss. Never in my wildest Jewish dreams (I dream in Yiddish while visualizing shtetls in Ukraine) and my deep Jewish soul (I also love gefilte fish, potato latkes and pickled herring) would I ever believe that some of us have become political nut cases with deep-seated mental infirmities perhaps caused by listening to ultra-liberal rabbis, friends and family members.

I addressed some of my fellow Jewish Americans by telling them that they do not live in a country gripped by hatred, xenophobia, racism, homophobia and Islamophobia. The level of outrage some of them were directing at American citizens is extremely un-Jewish and is becoming a stain on our community. Perhaps President-elect Trump is not the politician they were clamoring to elect to the highest office in the land. To be honest, he actually gave me cause to pause before I went into the voting booth.
One simple question: Why did those Jews who voted for Hillary Clinton lose to such a reprehensible billionaire?
The Democrats actually nominated a genuinely loathsome and immoral human being. If perhaps you believe she is perfection personified, and dare any one of your fellow Jews to believe the opposite, then you can only be driven by irrational behavior. The woman is criminally corrupt. The woman is profoundly greedy. The woman is contemptible. Her continuous pederasty is legendary. And the evidence is way too prolific for anyone to deny.

Anyone who responds to, "Good morning, Mrs. Clinton," from a Secret Service employee, one who is willing to give up his or her life for her, with, "F*** you, get outta my way," is simply not fit to govern, let alone even respect.
If I offended anyone, honestly, please ask me how much I don't care. If you're butt-hurt like the millennial snowflakes and the retinue of ideological and elitist classes wrecking our country, my answer will be the same as above.
I've just about had it with the Jewish American community thinking Hollywood rock stars; an underclass of statists, collectivists, socialists, Marxists, Islamists and downright violent bigots on the streets and campuses of America; a rarified class of wealthy and very real anti-Semites; are the cogent, thoughtful leaders of the next generation, we might as well simply throw Israel and by default, all Jews, to the dogs as the Obama administration tried so hard to do.

And if you missed it, Hillary Clinton made known her willingness to continue the outrageous anti-Israel policies of the highest profile antagonists toward the Jewish state since 1948. Cry, if you will, while the rest of us are celebrating what we perceive to be a great victory for every citizen, especially the greater Jewish Community, in our nation.

sheldan said...

That may all be true about Clinton. That does not make Trump someone we should look up to instead.

I am more than willing to give Trump credit when he does something that benefits the country. He did move the U.S. Embassy to Israel, which is what should have been done long ago. He has nominated conservative judges, so hopefully the Supreme Court will get back to interpreting the law and less legislating. He did something about tax reform. But when it comes to saying that Trump is a great president, I believe that he is disgracing the office with his behavior. This serves to neutralize the good he has done.

And you can throw Clinton in my face all day long, and this still proves my point that the people elected Trump because they wanted to send an anti-Clinton message. This doesn't mean that they are pro-Trump. Maybe the question is whether anyone wanted either of these two as president.

I also recognize that we are stuck with him until the 2020 election. That doesn't mean that we have to like him. I think I am far from alone when I say that nothing is going to force me to like the man. And I don't have to be one of those leftists to say this.

sheldan said...

I truly worry about many American Jews. And there are some Orthodox Jews who also seem to vote liberal when they vote.

I think that this means that old habits are hard to break. Since FDR, there is that stereotype of Jews being liberal. But "liberal" these days doesn't mean the same thing it used to mean. These days, it means leftist. And if you don't vote the party line, you will be criticized (if not reviled). I think it's time Jews defied this pattern. However, it may take many years to convince Jews that the Democrats may not be their friends.

Joohead said...

Sheldan, at least your last comment made some sense. The others; not so much. Trump's policies have led to spectacular outcomes for the American people. The economy is booming. Unemployment is at record lows. Israel has benefited beyond our wildest dreams. Our military is being transformed. Socialist regulations have been expunged. Tax laws have been overhauled. Obamacare has been crushed. Factories are being re-opened. The accomplishments in the past 18 months have been profound. All while Democrats like former CIA Chief John Brennan, who refuses to utter the word "Jerusalem" but calls our holy city "Al Quds", the Arabic word for Jerusalem calls our president a traitor. Are you aware that Brennan voted for Eugene Debs, head of the COMMUNIST PARTY USA when he ran for the presidency in 1976?

The viciousness displayed by American Jews against other American Jews, and so-called pro-Israel Jewish organizations that now number 39, make smoke come out of my ears. Their "progressive" nonsense is just that. Indeed, Leftism is the new Jewish American religion.

And as an aside, I worked in the White House for all eight years of the Clinton Administration. You really need to do some more research.

Batya said...

Interesting points in the comments. I'm very disturbed by the total worship many Jews have for the Left and the Democrats.

sheldan said...

Joohead, we'll have to agree to disagree on this.

I think I made it clear that I will give Trump credit for what he does right. That does NOT mean I have to like the man. If because someone did something right I have to like the president, then I would have to say I liked Obama because he did some things right (and a lot wrong). Would you have this as a standard? I don't think so.

Frankly, I don't understand the American people ever since 2008. In order to get away from the Bill Clinton/George W. Bush administrations, they nominated the worst possible candidates (Democrats in 2008, 2012, and 2016, and Republicans in 2016). And then the country has been divided more than it has in years. Are you good with that? I have my doubts.

I have to agree that many American Jews seem to think that western democratic values (which seems to explain their voting Democratic) has replaced Judaism as their religion. This is unfortunate. I also think that if their drift to the left continues, along with anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiment, many of them will reevaluate their support.

But, again, I don't care how much "evidence" you throw at me about how great Trump has been. The man is disgusting, and you don't have to be a leftist, Democrat, or anything to agree with that statement. I am embarassed whenever he says something that neutralizes ALL of what you describe. And I believe that if the Republicans had nominated an electable candidate, at least some of these accomplishments would have also occurred--without the baggage we've had to endure. Yes, there have been many accomplishments--but at what price elsewhere? Frankly, I'll take W over Trump any day. And this may make you angrier, but if Bill had been able to avoid the crap he did, he would be preferable.

The point is that even in the 1990s and 2000s, we had a president that wasn't a joke to half the country.

Batya said...

The US has a Two Party System. When both parties choose a faulty candidates for President, people must still vote. And as I learned what democracy means, when the votes are counted you have to accept the results whether you like them or not.

In 2016 the American Left/Democrats did something totally unprecedented for the USA, they rioted in disappointment, and since then, they, egged on by the media, have done everything to paralyze the Trump government. They have been acting like fascists, plain and simple.