Friday, July 13, 2018

Having Coffee "Out," Kashrut Complications

my home prepared coffee
From what I've read, Kashrut observers in the states are very upset by the reduced "approval" of the kashrut of Starbucks coffees and other products.

my home prepared coffee
When I used to visit the states, I'd buy coffee in all sorts of places as long as they adhered to a few very simple "rules."

The cups/mugs has to be disposable, the coffee had to be made and served from a coffeemaker (not served from a pot,) and I only bought a simple coffee. Davka in Starbucks, I'd order Americano.

The only "iffy" thing I did was to take milk from their pitchers. Milk is cold.

my home prepared coffee

Whenever possible, I'd get my coffee in Coffee Bean, a chain that claims that all the coffees and teas sold/served are kosher. Some branches also have kosher food but not all branches.

I haven't been to the states for a couple of years, so I'm not an expert. But to be honest, even here in Israel where it's much easier to find strictly kosher coffee, I make my own.


Mr. Cohen said...

Articles on the internet refer to coffee as:
"the world's most common recreational drug".

One day people will wake up and realize that
abandoning coffee in favor of pure water
saves money and is better for the body.

Sephardic Jews REJECT Reform Judaism:

Batya said...

The pros and cons of coffee aren't the subject here.

Neshama said...

I very much like coffee, in the morning hot with some cinnamon and coconut oil, whizzed up in the blender. It’s called a “bullet proof coffee”. I also like English cake coffee flavored with walnuts. Think I’ll put that recipe soon on my other blog Letters from Yerushalayim.