Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Two 2 State "Solution" Oxymoron

The meaning of the word Oxymoron:
a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect
Since two states aren't a solution to the violence here between the Arabs and Israel, the "Two 2 State Solution is an Oxymoron for sure.

Our Arab enemies, the terrorists, the PA-Palestinian Authority etcetera all reject the continued viable existence of the State of Israel, it's clear that giving them a state will only cause more wars, terrorism and bloodshed. Taking that simple basic fact into account, then it's clear that according to the basic Arab aim, there can never be peace, a solution, with two states, one Israel and one Palestine. I don't even think that there can be two peaceful states if they are Jordan and Palestine. And don't forget that Jordan practices ethnic cleansing, apartheid against Jews. Besides Israeli tourists, who are very restricted, foreigners who don't admit to be Jewish and the Israeli diplomats, you're not going to find many or any Jews in Jordan.

And the Hashemite rulers/occupiers of Transjordan aka Jordan aren't at all enthusiastic about giving the so-called Palestinians more authority, weapons, recognition a "state," because that struggling kingdom has been threatened by the same Arab terrorists who terrorize Israel.

For decades, various international leaders, NGOs etc have been trying to succeed in facilitating a negotiated "peace deal" between Israel and the so-called Palestinians. Sometimes they "help" by offering very detailed suggestions. Various Israeli leaders have even offered to endanger the State of Israel for the "chance" of "peace." But the Arabs just up their demands.

That's because the Arabs prefer their cushy well-paid terrorism. The UN, EU and number NGOs and foreign countries support them very generously. Those Arabs aren't a people nor a nation; they're just in it for the money.

Let the Flag of the State of Israel wave in freedom and security, Gd willing!


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