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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Does The State of Israel Have The Guts?

To be a real "light unto all nations," a very nebulous subjective phrase, we the Jewish People and today's reborn State of Israel must be willing to do things other countries many not dare and even things that some Jews don't think are truly Jewish.

That's because so-called "Jewish Morality," sic, has been hijacked by concepts and ideologies far removed from Judaism and claim them as Jewish.

Liberalism and Democracy are not Jewish Values. They are modern western and European.

Judaism forbids us to "turn the other cheek," ignore attacks on us. The common practice here not to respond to rocket attacks on Israel if they didn't kill nor maim and caused no real "damage" cannot be defended according to Torah Judaism.

Making Torah Commandments more "modern," or PC-politically correct, was strongly condemned in the Bible. The Priest Aaron's sons were immediately executed by Gd for worshipping with a "strange fire."  And the first Jewish King, Saul, lost his kingship when he refrained from executing the Amalek king and killing all the cattle. Gd did not accept his excuse that the people wanted him to keep them alive for a big festive ceremony. There's no textual proof that the people made such a demand, and Gd's instructions weren't negotiable.

For the State of Israel to be a truly moral country, a "light unto all nations," according to Jewish Tradition we must separate from the ideology of the international Left, Gd willing.

This post is my reaction to the pain of the families who are still waiting for the Israeli Government to take effective steps to bring back their children's bodies from our immoral enemies.


Anonymous said...

Why do you say democracy is not a Jewish concept?

Mr. Cohen said...

Since we are talking about forgotten – but important –
Jewish values, let us mention the Torah prohibition
against intermarriage with non-Jews and the
Torah requirement of Shabbat observance,
and other Jewish values:

How intermarriage harms Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel:


How Shabbat-desecration harms Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem:




How a Reform Rabbi Became Orthodox (true story):


Rambam Rejected Childless Messiah:




PS: I DO NOT PROFIT in any way from posting these comments.
Whatever I say, I say to help my fellow Jews.
My reward is the knowledge that I did my best to help Jews.

Batya said...

a, there is no rule of the masses, meaning democracy in Judaism. Judaism has Gd given commandments and absolutes.
One of them most damning examples of the sin of democracy is in the Bible aka "Sin of the Spies." Ten out of twelve tribal heads voted against entering the Land of Israel when Gd did not ask their opinions. For that sin, the Children of Israel were condemned/punished forced to wander 39 years until a new generation was prepared to enter the Land. The only ones of the twelve tribal leaders to survive were the two, Joshua and Caleb, who insisted on entering the Land as Gd had commanded.

Mr. Cohen said...

Adding to what Batya just said, Rashi’s
commentary on Bamidbar chapter 16 verse 1
points out that Korach’s rebellion against Moses
was supported by 250 senior rabbinical judges
[Rashei Sanhedriot], and therefore enjoyed
considerable popular support.

If the Jewish nation had been a democracy,
then Korach might have won the election,
if he ran against Moses!

How a Reform Rabbi Became Orthodox (true story):

Rambam Rejected Childless Messiah:

Shiloh said...

Batya, nice article. The State of Israel has been defanged from within which you prefer not to hear about and certainly from the outside. The last war, king Bibi was blackmailed to stop as you know. It seems the Nation currently does not have the will or faith to stand up to the international pressure of doing what we must do. You don't want to hear about the "smooth" ones who still to this day are causing our defanging. So what are we to do Batya? We complain we are not doing our job, we complain about the left, about the world, about this and that. The simple reality is we don't want the answer, we don't really want change, and if God has sent the answer, the answer has said to hell with it. God will not override our free will, God will not help those who refuse to help themselves which is our Nation. Trying to get through to anyone that we do not need to fear to create our destiny has proven to be a waste of time.

Batya said...

Shiloh, you know that your theology isn't accepted.

Mr. Cohen, thanks, another good point.

Anonymous said...

Theology of standing up for yourselves Batya? That is your problem? Believing that God will help the Nation if they stand up and do what's right is your problem?

Batya said...

No, the theology of dismissing accepted Torah-observing rabbinic decisions goes against Judaism.

Shiloh said...

Ah, this argument has been going on for 2200 years now. The problem is history has been completely redacted and the victors rewrote history. History does not mean truth. Look at Roman Gentile Xtianity being 180 opposite of the actual historical messianic movement led by James the brother of "Jesus", though even the Dead Sea Scrolls and even the Talmud speaks very highly of James but bastardize rightly the supernatural "Christ" (though a divine messiah was in Jewish thought historically). But look at the numbers who follow it living a lie though partial truth exists. How about the political movement of suppression under the guise of a religion, namely Islam? Look how many follow this evil. But both say that their derech is correct though when you look historically at either movement, one can rip them apart. Are you aware that the 3 of 4 groups 2000 years ago said there was no Oral Torah which is the fame of the Rabbi's? Those groups based law on the Tanach in cases of religious observance. See 4QMMT for example from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Why did Isaiah say what he did in 29:13? Why does the Baal Shem Tov state the rabbi's will hinder the geulah? Why did the Pharisee's invite the Romans into Israel prior to its destruction? Why did the Pharisee's side with the Romans in destroying the opposition? If our roots are based on fallacy or error, how can we succeed and bring our mission to completion? Its funny how God used the chilonim to rebirth this State? Why do the 'mitzvoth' not bring good behavior like the Ramban claimed would happen? We are to be the Light and thru study of history and being here for 15 years shows the only reason we are here is because of God. Not everything is wrong obviously with Judaism, but there is certainly enough wrong with the behavior to look into why it's the way it is. The world is a reflection of us according to Jewish thought, look at the world, why did it develop this way? When the cousins in many cases act better than the Jews, it troubles me because I still care about this place, though many have told me to stop caring as its not worth ones health. Without a doubt the cousins murderous blood lust must be expelled including its political agenda.

To make the claim that no one approves of my theology, I beg to differ as you have groups like the Karaites which one time in history was almost equal in numbers to that of the rabbinates before using the Arabs to eradicate them. You have historically the majority of Jews and religious parties of old not believing in the theology of the Pharisaical political movement. I have talked to so many over the years here who know somewhere in history things went wrong but are afraid to really dig in and look because then one has to follow what they learn. The Torah is very clear, if in a court of law and one knows the truth of the matter, they are forbidden to follow the majority to evil. I am not saying its all evil, but there is sufficient evidence to suggest we took the wrong path historically and have made some very bad errors which we all know prior to the destruction of the second Temple. But we refuse to look into why these events took place though the prophets of old were clear. Since we don't have prophets now, obviously people play it "safe" in following tradition and are conservative in change fearing a swing to far in either direction.

Shiloh said...

Talking to a coworker yesterday who came to me saying he cannot take it here anymore and is taking his fiancé back to the US. He came as a lone soldier as did she. But the behavior here has ruined both of them to leave like 1.5 million Israeli's have. I said to him, "what would happen if God sent the answer?" before I finished he said "we would not believe in it anyways." I speak to Jews from all backgrounds and the common denominator is behavior. Speaking to a rabbi last night he agrees and believes we have lost the ruach of the Torah and its intention though he is dati, he knows its gone wrong. (He works with children who have been abused in the religious communities). He said, he just wants to live a good life, as do I and I am sure as do you.

I certainly do not expect especially the dati to agree with me but even according to tradition and many opinions over time, even the dati will be against the coming messiah, so me being nothing, could not expect open arms from such a rebellious generation.

Have a wonderful Shabbat, though according to the "law" one will not wish me back the same, though its much better to offend than to break the traditions of men. Be well.

Batya said...

You're on the losing side.

Shiloh said...

So will the one whom God will actually identify with nature. 44 previous failed attempts by tradition of men, then how ironic, how you and they will fight the real one identified by God in our time, witnessed at that. The prophets where on the wrong side also, but they were right. Instead of study, its just the usual attacking.

Batya said...

You're wrong, and you won't convince me otherwise.