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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Arab Terror Attack on The Jerusalem Lightrail

Friday a young woman was murdered by an Arab terrorist on the Jerusalem Lightrail. Authorities say he has a history of mental illness, but that's no comfort to the family. And, davka, the victim, 21-year-old Hannah Bladon, wasn't even Jewish.

Jerusalem Lightrail on a quiet day, not far from where the attack took place.

Jerusalem Lightrail on a quiet day, not far from where the attack took place.
As further proof that there's no apartheid between Arabs and others in Israel, the attack took place on the train where Jews and Arabs and tourists and non-Jews and everyone of all ages ride together and sit together and stand crowded together.

I was on the train just the day before. I noticed more security, but according to statistics Arab men 50+ are very low risks on the terrorist scale. Just shows that Profiling isn't foolproof.

I'm just curious, but how many international leaders have condemned this murder so far? Who has?


Mr. Cohen said...

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Batya said...

yes, thanks