Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Will Trump be The Next POTUS?

Things have sure changed in American politics since I was a kid. It used to be that the nominees were chosen in the smoke-filled backrooms by experienced and jaded movers and shakers. Deals were made, and alliances forged and broken. Voters were served a package and could choose from Republicans or Democrats. Primaries didn't actually exist, certainly not in any numbers to make a difference.

Television began changing things a lot. Nixon's lack of sweat guards lost him the presidency, and a new world opened up.

Today's primaries have taken the nomination out of the hands of the politicians and turned it into a phone in Mr/Miss/Ms/Mrs America contest.

Americans have a pretty peculiar fokokt idea of issues. In the previous presidential elections things like same-sex marriage, stem cell research and getting a Black man in the white house were the voters' priorities. Forget about economics and security.

The polls keep showing that Donald Trump is the most popular of the Republicans.

Polling Data

RCP Average7/29 - 8/224.312. +11.8
FOX News7/30 - 8/226159676553312210Trump +11
Bloomberg7/30 - 8/221108754654422111Trump +11
Monmouth7/30 - 8/2261211656444321211Trump +14
CBS News7/29 - 8/2241310866643121020Trump +11
NBC News/SurveyMonkey
And every gaff or so called scandal gives him more popularity. It's Like the American voters are spitting in the races of traditional politics. It's just another tv show, reality tv, of course.

Things are getting more interesting in the Democratic Party, too, though they don't have a Trump. The Hillary machine is breaking down. Most of her supporters are sexists. Yes, that's what one should call voting for a person just because of the sex. Just like the Obama supporters are racist, since they chose him by color.

That's America in the 21st Century.


Netivotgirl said...

Batya, I just heard on Reshet Bet that Jeb Bush is 2nd with 12% of Republican voters. I've heard good things about him from family abroad but don't know enough about him on Israel to voice an opinion. Ive heard Ted Cruz speak positively several times. I didn't see the debate but abhor Trump's egotism. In summary, you're spot on- American politics are totally different than when we were young!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Obama was chosen for his colour. I think he was chosen because he made a good campaign (I think he was the first to harness crowd funding). At the beginning of the race, I was quite sure that Hilary Clinton would be the democratic candidate, no-one had heard anything of Obama yet.
In the same vain, I don't think that people who vote for Hillary Clinton would elect her because she is a woman, but because of her intellectual or other qualities.
But I agree with you on one point: Americans have strange and not always wise priorities when it come to politics.

Anonymous said...

Both Netivot and Anon seem to know very little about American politics!

Batya said...

NG, Bushes are bad for Israel. Bush money is from Arab oil.
a1, Obama's campaign was based on the color and novelty. It was a clever campaign, but not because of anything Obama added other than color and height.
a2, most people don't really comprehend what's behind the politics.