Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Death Penalty for Arab Terrorists!

Arab terrorists should not be tried as criminals. No family should have to put up with what Eliezer and Sarah Rosenfeld have been forced to suffer.

No IDF soldier should be put in the position of having to decide between a trial and death.

  • Arab rock throwers aim to kill, and that puts the victim in a position, legally and morally, of self-defense. 
  • Arabs who run over Jews at bus stops or on any sidewalk or side of road are aiming to murder, so killing them is self-defense. 
  • Arabs who shoot Jews are aiming to murder, so killing them is self-defense. 
It's perfectly obvious and clear that these Arab terrorists are not ordinary criminals. They should not have their day in court. There is no moral or legal reason to give them a chance to defend themselves. Arab terrorists must be executed, and that's it!!

Yehuda Shoham, HaY"D, murdered by Arab terrorists who stoned the car he was traveling in.
Malachi Rosenfeld, HaY"D, murdered by Arab terrorists who shot at the car he was traveling in.
Chaye Zisel Braun, HaY"D, murdered by Arab terrorist who intentionally ran over her and others who had been innocently standing on the sidewalk.


Devorah Chayah said...

Are you prepared to see it used on Jewish "terrorists" as well? Because that's what will happen. And they'll have to make an example of someone right up front to prove to he world that they are playing fair with the Arabs. Which Jew will they pin the Dura baby's death on to show how impartial they are between this terrorist and that "terrorist"?

Use your head! You can't trust this Erev Rav regime with the death penalty. They will use it against Jews!

Batya said...

One of my points is to execute Arab terrorists on the spot. The Arab terrorists are out to destroy the State of Israel and there is no such Jewish equivalent. Many Arab terrorists are caught and would have been immediately killed if people weren't so afraid of legal complications. I want to remove those complications. There would be much less anger among Jews if the Arab terrorists were executed. Meaning less violence from Jews.

Unknown said...

Batya, I agree with you 100%

Batya said...

Glad to hear. Thanks