Sunday, August 16, 2015

Danny Danon's Big Test in The UN

Those of us on Israel's Right, pro-Jewish life and sovereignty in the Entire Land of Israel are pretty cynical already having seen our politicians morph into Leftists the minute they have a bit of power or find themselves in the spotlight. That started with Menachem Begin and more recently with Ruby Rivlin. I can't think of a single solitary politician who kept his word and ideology the minute he could make a difference.

Now our eyes and ears are on Danny Danon, who has been described in Huffington Post as:
Credit: Dan Balilty/AP
Netanyahu Appoints Opponent Of Palestinian Statehood As UN Envoy

Danny Danon, who will be Israel's next U.N. ambassador, once said "it's not too late" for Israel to annex the West Bank. (WorldPost)
That is how the world sees him.

  • Will he keep to that script when representing Israel in the United Nations? 
  • Will he be brave enough to call an antisemite an antisemite?
  • Will he speak clearly, without polite euphemisms, about the blatant hypocrisy of the Security Council and the numerous UN organizations that consistently discriminate and undermine Israel?
This will be his greatest test so far. Danny Danon is still young. He is a good age to succeed Binyamin Netanyahu. Representing Israel in the United Nations is good training. 

After decades of disappointments, I can't give an opinion on it. What do you think Danny Danon will do?


Yitzchak said...

I would never trust a secular Likudnik completely. Most Israeli secularists that are in politics are there for the "seat" above all else! This has been borne out time & again. Even some of the religious politicians in the Mafdal, er Bayit Yehudi, also seem to waver once their in power. They must be watched very carefully! Bottom line is perhaps the only reliable politicians are religious MKs with a clear ideology.

Batya said...

Can you name some?
I think that Geula Cohen is one of the few.

shanen said...

maybe brush up on his english?

Hadassa said...

Rahav'am Ze'evi, Hy"d, didn't change his platform much, if at all, which is why he was assassinated. Of course he had his own party and wasn't part of the Likud.

Batya said...

Hadassa, yes, and I think that Moshe Shamir, Arye Eldad and Michael Ben-Ari also kept their principles. Of course they couldn't do it in Likud, which is why Geula left it to form Techiya.