Sunday, August 2, 2015

The "Comfort" Havel Havelim

I certainly hope that there are Havel Havalim followers who are comforted by its reliability. Yes, every week we try to provide you with the best and most interesting blog posts about Israel and Jewish topics. That is Havel Havelim, the long-running weekly international Jewish Israeli blog carnival started well over a decade ago by Soccer Dad who no longer blogs. Is there a life after blogging? Some people my wonder how I have time for a life with blogging. But don't fear; I do. Read my blog and you will see.

Now we keep it going on our facebook page. I host it most of the time, but the aim is for it to be hosted by other bloggers, too. If you're interested, please let me know. Also send me (before Shabbat your time) a link to your favorite Jewish or Israeli blog post of the week, best with a line about it, with HH as subject, thanks.

Think of Havel Havelim as an internet magazine full of articles about Judaism, Jewish Life and Israel from various blogs. Sometimes the post isn't quite in tune with the host's opinion, but as long as it neither promotes another religion or the destruction of the State of Israel, it belongs in Havel Havelim. Some of the links are sent to the host, and others are chosen by the host. And some are from the host's blog/s of course. Participating in Havel Havelim is a good way to promote your blog, and hosting is even better.

First are posts sent to me, then mine and last will be some I've found. And please don't forget that you don't have to be a blogger to read, comment and share Havel Havelim!!

On with the show!

Yael, Correcting the Torah Reader: Mitzvot in Collision, Halakhah is a compromise between ideals and real life situations. The truly great halakhic decisors are those who manage this compromise in ways that not only bring more kindness into the world, but also show others how to do the same.
Drew, JOFA Hosts a Fireside Chat Blogcast with Rabbi Dov Linzer on Matters of Sex and Halakhah JOFA Hosts a Fireside Chat Blogcast with Rabbi Dov Linzer on Matters of Sex and Halakhah  Last week, the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance hosted an online “blogcast” where online users could submit questions regarding sex and they would be answered....
New: English - Hebrew "Hiking and Camping" Vocabulary and Happy Tu B'Av "Hiking and Camping" Vocabulary
Heidi, Thanks to those who participated in the July Jewish Book Carnival on Deborah Kalb’s blog, JULY 2015 JEWISH BOOK CARNIVAL. Don’t forget to submit your links for the August Jewish Book Carnival by August 12, 2015 to Yael Shahar at One link per participant is preferred.
Ben-Tzion Spitz, We are all chased by demons at some point in our lives. Either real ones, or metaphorical ones. They may gnaw at your consciousness. They may invade your dreams. They may dominate your nightmares. However, when they intrude upon your daily life, it becomes a dangerous threat. Anti-Demon Laser
Esser Agaroth, Let's Face It! Huckabee Is Right!
First.One.Through, Tisha b'Av Observations of 2015
Last week I went to Netivot to doven at the Baba Sali's tomb and meet some friends, F2F in Netivot and the Baba Sali.
Last week I was rather short on temper as you can see from these posts I wrote for Shiloh Musings, Dayenu! I've Had Enough!!, Disproportionate: Arab Terrorism versus Jewish Responses and Immoral World Cares More about a Lion than Jewish Victims of Arab Terror
Besides my trip to Netivot, I had an enjoyable evening at Doug's Beer Tasting, Me, The Beer Maven? though you wouldn't know from the picture.
Following are some interesting blog posts which I won't identify. I hope you'll check them out.
Share a Delicious Evening with Me!
Obama evokes Jewish lobby/neocon canards to defend Iran deal
My Daughter-In-Law Explains Why She said "Mohamed is a Pig"
The Coffee Talk Ladies and our Face 2 Face
Is Jonathan Pollard a Hero?
Israel’s Failure to Claim Its Rights
Mother, May I
Batman, Bands & Bookcases
Bringing Ariel Home

Remember, you don't have to be a blogger to read, comment and share Havel Havelim!

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