Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Electrical not Terrorist, Another Duma Fire

Authorities  in the P.A. Palestinian Authority  have admitted after investigation that the latest fire in the Duma village home of  the  Dawabsha clan was electrical .
(JNi.media) Palestinian Authority media reported that late Sunday night a fire broke out in a house belonging to a member of the Dawabsha family in the village of Duma, not far from Ramallah. According to early reports, some family members were injured in the fire, but later reports said there were no injuries. Also, early Arab reports blamed the fire on Jewish settlers, but after a while the head of the Duma village council, Abdul Salam Dawabsha, announced the fire started due to a malfunctioning electric system.
However, local residents told NRG that they found a Molotov cocktail inside the burnt Dawabsha house, and suggested the house—located at the center of the village, just like the other two Dawabsha burnt houses were—had been set on fire as the result of an internal conflict. The same locals noted that, contrary to the previous fire, this house was left without Hebrew graffiti smeared on the walls.
In another interesting development, 0404.co.il reports that a third Dawabsha house in Duma had a fire in February of this year, and a Dawabshe family car was also burnt in June.
This raises the question, posed so far only by “extremist” Jews, as to whether the previous arson, where a baby and later his father—of the same Dawabsha clan—were killed, may also have been the result of internal fighting. (Jewish Press)
results of an earlier fire photo credit:TOVAH LAZAROFF
It makes one wonder about the first fire that caused the deaths of a father and son.

Inspections after the fires showed that there was a lot of flammable material in their homes, including Molotov cocktails, and the clan is known for its funding. So, there's a pretty good chance that the fatal fire was a set-up made to give the impression that it was set by Jews. Also, the family compound is in the middle of the village.

Will we ever know the truth?


Netivotgirl said...

Thank you dear Batya for keeping this in the public eye! Everyone was so quick to blame "Jewish settlers" for the heinous crime that ended in the deaths of a family in Duma. It is basic jurisprudence that one is innocent until proven guilty, more so when besmirching an entire community!! I pray to G-d that whoever caused the fire is found and it turns out to have been a family quarrel with a neighboring Arab family and not a Yid. Whoever caused the fire should be punished, but THIS recent fire should (hopefully) start some folks rethinking their original conclusions. Excellent post once again!!

Netivotgirl said...

Thank you dear Batya for keeping this in the public eye! Everyone was so quick to blame "Jewish settlers" for the heinous crime that ended in the deaths of a family in Duma. It is basic jurisprudence that one is innocent until proven guilty, more so when besmirching an entire community!! I pray to G-d that whoever caused the fire is found and it turns out to have been a family quarrel with a neighboring Arab family and not a Yid. Whoever caused the fire should be punished, but THIS recent fire should (hopefully) start some folks rethinking their original conclusions. Excellent post once again!!

Anonymous said...

My commnets to:

In the case of the Duma attack, has anything been proved against any Jewish person? The cases of "Jewish terrorism" are so few that they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. More often than not in these kinds of cases, it turns out to be some kind of Arab inter-clan conflict, or an attempt to point a finger at Jews. Why don't we wait and see who is convicted of this horrible crime before we start blaming our brothers?

Whatever the outcome in both cases, the timing seems a little bit fishy, that they occurred within such a short space of time. Now both the haredi and the national-religious communities can be beaten with the same anti-semitic media stick. If we lived in a normal country, individuals would be responsible for their actions, not whole communities, especially when both communities are law-abiding.

It just occurred to me that on the ten year anniversary of the destruction of Gush Katif, when the Left should be doing a huge collective mea culpa, there are suddenly these two crimes. And now the Left is brazenly accusing all religious people, and in the Duma case there is not even a suspect yet, and the vast majority of violent crime is committed by Arabs and non religious Jews. Religious people should be proud of their communities. Now lets get the agenda back toGush Katif and to the thosands of ignored Jewish victims of Arab terror.

Anonymous said...


I feel that too many people are missing the bigger picture.

Shlissel, a lone individual, mysteriously released from a prison sentence for a similar crime, just weeks before the shame parade, committed murder, violating a direct Torah prohibition, and against all community norms of every religious Jewish community in the world. There will be no campaign for his release from prison, no street-naming, no public honor whatsoever. Furthermore, there has never been any call to violence against people who have an inverted sexual orientation by Torah leaders. Thus, there is no need for a collective mea culpa on the part of the religious public, because there is no guilt.

However, we are now going to have "tolerance education" shoved down our throats in the aim of preventing another such crime (which is completely ridiculous as it is a one-off crime, not a societal phenomenon). Teachers who refuse to teach it will be criminally sanctioned. Psychologists and others, (including rabbis) who counsel troubled individuals will also be dictated to in this realm.

At the same time, the blame for the Duma murder, strangely juxtaposed to the Jerusalem murder, has been firmly placed at the feet of the national religious public, without there even being any proof whatsoever as to the identity of the perpetrator of the crime. It should be remembered that Arabs routinely murder each other on account of their bizarre concept of family honour. (In one case not so long ago, finally an Arab woman came forward to assist the police in their inquiries, after eight, yes EIGHT murders had been committed between two families). In any case involving Arabs, the first line of inquiry should always be intra-clan honour killings.

At the recent rally in Tel Aviv, Herzog, the head of the opposition, bombastically declaimed, "what is wrong with the religious public, that it gives rise to such violence".

The haredi and the national religious sectors are the most law abiding in Israel, especially with respect to violent crime. Most such crimes are committed by non-religious Jews, Arabs, and others. This is a fact. Yet, now following the media portrayal of these strangely juxtaposed events, the national agenda has suddenly become how to deal with the violence of the religious communities and how to teach "tolerance education" to these primitives.

And all this comes exactly at a time when we commemorate ten years to the violent expulsion of Jews from their homes in Gush Katif. Exactly at a time when the Israeli Left should be doing a huge collective mea culpa towards the National Religious public. How clever of them to expropriate the public agenda for their own ends.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately I fear that, Gd forbid, the stage is being set for another expulsion of Jews from their homes. As per usual it starts with the delegitimisation of Torah Jews, as described above.

At the very least, what I would expect from Torah leaders is to refrain from the type of knee-jerk reactions that Israeli leaders are so prone to, towards the Arab world and the international community. First they accuse us of a heinous crime, then we immediately apologise and take full and collective responsibility for the alleged event, and much later on after the facts have been ascertained, and it turns out the alleged event never took place or that the perpertrator was an Arab, or in the worst case scenario a Jew acting alone, and against the law, it is too late, as the PR damage has been done, and policy has been decided for us and against our interests.

This is exactly what is happening here internally in Israel. Just as Israel calls for peace and is met with blood libels, so the religious sectors in Israel call for unity and are met with blood libels from the Israeli Left. There will be no unity with them. (And by Israeli Left I mean the hard-core Left that controls the Israeli establishment, principally the judicial system, the police, the media, and the arts)

It's time Torah Jews start understanding what is really happening, and start setting the agenda, not just reacting to the artificial one foisted on us.

Anonymous said...


This whole double fiasco was orchestrated to prevent any national intrsopection regarding the expulsion from Gush Katif on its ten year anniversary, delegimitising the settler movement, and Torah-observant Jews as a whole, making you wonder what "they" have in store for us. The left-wing public has been in a frenzy of a Jew-hating blood libel for the duration. The clamour of the breast-beating of the country's so-called right-wing leaders, subdued into groveling obeisance, has been deafening. And amidst all this, still no suspect has been charged with any crime. Yet as with the "Jenin massacre" that never was, or the Al-Dura boy who was NOT killed by the IDF, the winning Israeli strategy of apologise first, think later, never fails to fail us. And later never matters, because perception is priceless, and two- year long inquiry commissions nigh on worthless.

At the same time, within just a few days of Tisha Be'av, when we were so thoroughly lectured to by our beloved rabbis on the need for ahavat hinam to bring the geula, we have been sorely failed by these same rabbis. So many Torah prohibitions have been broken (judging favorably, speaking and listening to lashon hara, loving our fellow Jew, and maybe others). Last year we had an "easy" test. The kidnapping of the three tsadikim truly united the whole country. This year, it was much harder. And rabbi after rabbi has tried to distance themselves from the alleged suspects.

I don't have a good feeling about the situation and feel that much more must be done to rectify it.

Anonymous said...

Apologies to Batya for my wordy comments. They were all comments in response to posts at Lazerbeams.

I know that we should not judge others until we have stood in their shoes, but it was really hard to do that with recent events, when the bandwagon filled up so rapidly. (In case it's not clear, I mean that it was hard not to judge the mea culpa of our Torah leaders and so-called right wing politicians.) Just basic common sense tells us that there was not even a suspect in the Duma case, and that the Arab community is the most violent by far in Israel. There is detailed research on the issue from the University of Haifa and the Israeli police.

Even Zahava Gal On from Meretz said that the Jewish suspects in the Duma case should be charged or released.

B"D I have lived in Israel for a long time and speak Hebrew, and I am sorry to say that in general I find the Israeli mentality to be overly emotional, lacking in basic logic and unprofessional at all levels of society. We "merited" to witness all these traits superbly in the recent double fiasco. And as ever, truth and justice are the first and last casualties of these failings.

Gavriela Dvorah said...

all of this is because it is a war against HaShem and the Torah. For some reason, this event came just at the time when the editor of Haaretz had written an editorial stating that the "settlers" had won, and the possibility of a "two-state" solution was dead. And why? because, he wrote, people in Tel Aviv had no appetite for sustained struggle, whereas Jews living in Yehuda and Shomrom were willing to sacrifice everything to live in the land they believe is theirs. Within only a day, following this publication, the Duma event occurred. Only the Creator can explain the timing, but I believe it has come to test us and prepare us for the final battle, a civil war here on our Holy soil between those who stand with HKBH and those who stand against Him.

Anonymous said...

Come on! It's as obvious as possible; all this was a setup; these are warring clans and the perfect setup to blame the 'extremist' Jews! Where is common sense? To even doubt that this is another libel is sheer stupidity.

Batya said...

Thanks for all the comnents. I cannot reply in detail on phone