Friday, October 17, 2014

There Should be Health Checks Before Boarding Planes

Heathrow Airport Isolation room for those
traveling to Israel
Nowadays there are more health dangers in international traveling than security dangers.

How many bombs have been found in shoes, but many airports still require us to take off our shoes so they can x-ray them along with our book-bags, wallets, carry-ons etc?

Instead of patting my headscarf and accusing me of padding my fat thighs and trying to check out what's under my skirt, the intimate checks at airports should be for contagious health issues like Ebola and the flu.

Anyone who seems sick with even the flu or stomach issues shouldn't be allowed to board the plane. I worry about whomever had to clean the vomit of the man who died flying.
(The New York Post) -- A Plane From Nigeria Landed At JFK Airport Thursday With A Male Passenger Aboard Who Had Died During The Flight After A Fit Of Vomiting — And CDC Officials Conducted A “Cursory” Exam Before Announcing There Was No Ebola And Turning The Corpse Over To Port Authority Cops To Remove, Rep. Peter King Said On Thursday.The Congressman Was So Alarmed By The Incident — And By What He And Employees See As Troubling Ebola Vulnerabilities At JFK — That He Fired Off A Letter To The Federal Department Of Homeland Security Demanding More Training And Tougher Protocols For Handling Possible Cases There.The Unnamed, 63-Year-Old Passenger Had Boarded An Arik Air Plane Out Of Lagos, Nigeria, On Wednesday Night, A Federal Law Enforcement Source Said.During The Flight, The Man Had Been Vomiting In His Seat, The Source Said. Some Time Before The Plane Landed, He Passed Away. Flight Crew Contacted The CDC, Federal Customs Officials And Port Authority Police, Who All Boarded The Plane At Around 6 A.M. As About 145 Worried Passengers Remained On Board, The Source Said.
The sick nurse should have had been red-flagged, too.
Amber Vinson was
not supposed to travel
on an aeroplane,
health officials said
US health officials are seeking 132 people who flew on a plane with a Texas nurse on the day before she came down with symptoms of Ebola.
The second person infected in the US, Amber Vinson, 29, fell ill on Tuesday.
Both she and nurse Nina Pham, 26, had treated Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, who died a week ago in Dallas.
A nurses' union has said those treating Duncan were not given full protection and had parts of their skin exposed
More than 70 healthcare workers who may have come in contact with him at the hospital are being monitored for symptoms, the hospital's director has said.
Instead of targeting healthy Jews and others flying to Israel, security should be focused on those who could have been exposed to Ebola and other contagious illnesses. Once passengers land, they have had already been exposed in the closed air systems on the airplanes.

I'm glad that my next flight to the states is delayed until I finish an editing project.

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