Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Deja Vu, Latest Arab Terror Attack in Jerusalem, Too Similar to "Mine"

Deja Vu, yes, so sadly I cry for the dead, the injured the mourning.

Jerusalem PostSuspected attack in Jerusalem,
October 22. (photo credit:TAZPIT)
Deja Vu, when I stand at a bus stop, again, I'll find myself, hyper-vigilant.

Deja Vu, I should have chastised the young woman trying to hail a tremp in the middle of the street, as she concentrated more on her phone conversation than the cars rushing by.

Deja Vu, the healdlines refused to scream ARAB TERROR ATTACK: ARAB TERRORIST RAMMED INTO INNOCENT JEWS TO MURDER THEM, instead I saw the phrase "suspected terror attack."

Deja Vu, a spot I've stood at more times than I can count is now added to the list of Arab terror attack locations.

Deja Vu, the holy silence of our sacred Capital was shattered by screams, sirens and wails.

photo credit:TAZPIT
Deja Vu, an Arab terrorist used his car as a weapon of death.

Deja Vu, new people have entered the "club of the bereaved."

Deja Vu, more Jews now have a terror attack to call their own.

Deja Vu, the City of Peace is being terrorized.

Deja Vu, fear reigns.

Deja Vu the Arab terrorist had already been convicted of terrorism, but had been released from Prison.

Deja Vu, the Arab terrorist was shot after he tried to escape his car, but this time, unlike "my terror attack," he's alive.

Deja Vu, the Arab terrorist has nothing to fear, since Israel treats terrorist prisoners well and there's no death penalty.

Deja Vu, Jews die and Arabs live.

I'm tired of this Deja Vu.

Location of "my Arab terror attack" as it looks today.
French Hill, Givat Hamivtar, Jerusalem
I was injured along with about twenty others, and a woman was murdered.


miryam heiliczer said...

Abbas promised a steady increase of terror and violence in Jerusalem. I guess he is true to his word. I am sick!

Batya said...

He has been telling the truth; nobody is listening.