Friday, October 10, 2014

How Can Smart People be So Dumb?

There's a terrible downside to democracy which can easily be defined as "the rule of idiots." There are no qualifying tests to determine who knows enough to vote, whether it's for political party in Israel, regional representative, president or dogcatcher.

Especially here in Israel, many people can't understand how Yair Lapid's party got so many votes, which means Knesset seats, when he campaigned that he was only putting candidates who had no political experience on his list. How effective can they be after getting into power, when there aren't any experienced people on their team to show them the ropes? 

And of course Israelis couldn't understand how the inexperienced Barack Hussein Obama was so overwhelmingly elected President of the United States. I explain to them that according to interviews with "ordinary Americans" I read/heard the most important campaign issue was "same sex marriage." That explains what Americans want from their president. During the American Presidential campaigns I heard/read too many interviews with ordinary people that showed total ignorance of the world and even the USA.

Besides that there is the ad nauseum repetition of the myth/lie that Israel conquered/took over/occupies the former State of Palestine. U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama is one of those who firmly believes it to be true. (As an antidote to this I recommend getting and reading Sha'i Ben-Tekoa's  Phantom Nation: Inventing the "Palestinians" as the Obstacle to Peace.)

At least Obama recognizes the dangers to world peace of ISIS, though present Harvard students and professors, no doubt, haven't  caught up with him. I was horrified, though not all that surprised to read and watch these Harvard interviews on Western Journalism. The interviewees made it clear that in Harvard they have been learning of how dangerous America is.

This clip reminds me too much of the frightening interviews I had seen during the presidential campaigns.

Dry Bones, my favorite political cartoonist has it pictured perfectly, combining the Jewish Holiday of Succot with what's happening in the world.

Dry Bones

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