Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Israel's Chief Rabbis Reaffirm Halacha Prohibiting Interfaith Worship

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With throngs of evangelical pilgrims and ministries assembling in Jerusalem to celebrate various Christianized versions of the Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles (Sukkot), Israel’s Chief Rabbinate has issued a statement prohibiting Jews from participating in an ICEJ prayer vigil scheduled to take place at the Southern Wall of Har Habayit.
The rabbis and political leaders in the Jewish state are faced with a formidable challenge.  Will they be able to take a wise and firm stand on behalf of the Torah, and uphold the integrity – the sanctity - of Eretz Yisrael without totally alienating visitors of other faiths?...more

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the article. It has been wonderful to see that the Rabbis are allowing us gentiles to come and live in Israel... in order to... learn from the Jewish Rabbis and Families there of how to live ones life, with the Torah as the Basis.

Maybe... in the Rabbis accepting the ger toshav to live there ... to learn... with all of you.... it is also making a Stand that ... THIS will be the Way of the gentiles... and only this... not another god that is drug into all of it, but... the ONE G-D... to serve Him and follow the Torah... but not the other gods and the other bibles that would tear down Judaism and the Torah Way of Life. It is making a Stand in bringing in the ger toshav... and telling everyone who wants to live there... in THAT Land... that it will be "this Way" and not another way... and it should be this Way...

These are my thoughts only..but, it does seem that Israel is already now...stepping into Her position.... and bringing Order to a world that is chaotic...and it's coming out of Zion and Jerusalem... Thank you Israel... we need You... the whole world needs You...

Batya said...

Ellen, thanks so much for posting this truly important article and all of the very necessary work you do with Jewish-Israel.