Thursday, October 9, 2014

Is it Good or Bad That I Can't Find Something to Blog About Tonight?

I'm a daily blogger on both my blogs. I just can't remember a time I couldn't find something to write about. My post on my me-ander blog tonight was a cinch, no problem.
For the very first time ever....
Of course that's a very different sort of blog. I don't have to show great intelligence, profundity etc. I can be very ordinary and just point out some simple aspect of my life, cooking, dieting, photography, work, etc. But this blog, Shiloh Musings is a different sort of blog. It's the blog that I started when people kept telling me that the "musings," essays or letters I had been sending out by email to all sorts of people on a rapidly growing list should be on the internet. People told me to open a "site."

That's how I started to blog. It seemed easier to post the "musings" instead of sending out mailings. I'm a bit less certain about how and why I began doing this daily, and on two blogs. Am I being rather OCD in writing just to write?

I did my usual checking the news sites for news and inspiration. I just found a few articles I didn't really want to deal with tonight about Arab terror attacks,
Jewish Teenager Assaulted by Arabs in Jerusalem17-year-old Jewish teenager attacked by two Arab teens. Police use surveillance cameras to locate culprits.
Arab Rioters on Temple Mount Wound Four Police Officers
Unrest explodes on Temple Mount, in usual round of rioting before Jewish holiday of Sukkot.
I just didn't want to make Israel look more dangerous than it is.

And I really don't know enough about the antisemitic attack in New York after the Nets-Maccabee Tel Aviv game:
Pro-Palestinian protester assaults Jewish leader after Nets-Maccabi Tel Aviv game
And I really didn't want to write a kvetchy "watch out for the antisemites" article.

Tonight I want to be nice and gentle. It's the Holiday of Succot. We're supposed to enjoy the protection the succah represents. This is the Holiday to be Joyful in G-d.

ושמחת בחגך
v'Samachta biChagecha


goyisherebbe said...

Be happy and don't berate yourself for not having the perfect blog. As you pointed out, this is the time to be happy on Sukkot. You could link to the report that something blew up at an Iranian nuke site. That's also worth blogging about and being happy about. Glad you enjoyed the wedding.

Batya said...

goyish, would love it if you'd blog here, too, thanks
Mazaltov and Chag Sameach