Friday, October 24, 2014

Aliyah Time! Hebrew is The Key to Success!

Aliyah Time is an Arutz 7 radio show that encourages aliyah, moving to Israel.

I was interviewed for this week's program about my opinions about how to help new immigrants, olim chadashim, adjust to the Israeli school system. Most olim chadashim consider language one of greatest difficulties.

Please listen to my interview. I'd love to hear your opinion.


Anonymous said...

I just loved your interview, Batya... Thank you... It gave a person ideas and information to remember when moving to Israel...

Wondering... if a person or family were to want to move to Israel... to live there... but not Jewish... is it more difficult to integrate with the Community?

Are there certain areas that a ger toshav would move to, not being Jewish, to live with others like themselves, or would they be accepted among most of the Communities?

One more thing... if a person or family moved to Israel... are there groups that would help them get established, find a job, find the right community, schools, doctors, pharmacies, finding bus lines, or purchasing a vehicle... or do they have to research these things out before going there?

Are there schools that accommodate children with learning disabilities?


Batya said...

It's easiest for Jews, and the small closed communities, like Shiloh are only for Jews, unless people are in the midst of converting ot Judaism.
There are many non-Jews in cities and all. There are schools that cater to children with learning disabilities. I don't know how one gets visas with rights to work here. There are problems getting work visas all over the world, not just Israel.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Batya...

annie *:-)

Batya said...

My pleasure. I hope my answer really helped you.