Saturday, October 18, 2014

After the Chaggim (Holidays) Havel Havelim, 5775

Yes, it's finally after the Chaggim, the three week marathon of Jewish Holidays, starting withe the two-day Rosh Hashannah, which this year was immediately before Shabbat, so three days. And then Yom Kippur and finally Succot and Simchat Torah. So from start to finish over three weeks of feasting, praying and fasting. And no doubt that Jewish bloggers have been blogging, too, whenever possible.

We Jewish bloggers have a great opportunity to promote Judaism and Israel via the internet. Today, many people can read our posts (articles) even on their phones. For many, even the computer is passe`.  We can even blog on our phone or tablet. And wherever/however you read or blog, you can share and comment on posts, too. So please comment and share the posts you find interesting. And of course share and comment on this Havel Havelim, thanks.

Havel Havelim is the weekly international Jewish blog carnival that has been appearing well over a decade. It was begun by Soccer Dad who no longer blogs. He coordinated it for quite a while. Now we use our facebook page to coordinate and publicize it. That's where we sign up to host an edition (Hint! Hint!) and see the latest news. Join the page and become part of the community.

As has been my custom of late, I'm first listing the posts that had been submitted to me, then mine and finally, if I have time, I'll add whatever I find on other blogs. Again, please read, comment and share, thanks. On with the show:

Jacob Richman sent links to his Succot pictures, Photos of Sukkot in Jerusalem, Photos of the Children’s Sukkot Parade in Ma’ale Adumim, Photos and Videos of the Sukkot Festival at the Lake in Ma’ale Adumim and Photos of Second Hakafot in Ma’ale Adumim
Ricki's Mom tells a wonderful story how  a nice bachur carried a table home for her, The Sukkah Table Porter
Adventures of a Chief Rabbi, For the first time in memory we hosted a lot of people who had either not been in a Suka for decades or in some cases had never been in a Suka. To see and experience the Suka through their eyes was an insightful exercise....
From Gail Winston, Gaza War Diary: Mon. Oct. 13 DAY 98
Jewish Book Carnival: October 2014 Edition
Yom Kippur, Repentance and Redemption
Aftermath of Elul
The Gratitude Challenge: How Happiness can be Achieved!
Having the Boss in the Sukkah
Reasons #3721 and #3722 for making aliyah
Varda Epstein blogs on news sites, not on her own private blog. But a blog is still a blog, as far as I'm concerned. Here are two posts of hers that she sent. It’s the Jews, Stupid and Not Clueless, Inept, or Stupid
Such Goodness חסד "Chessed" From Others, Only in Israel Tremping Stories
A Wolf in the Soul , A Book Review
One of My Favorite Unique Things About Israel! aka "Only in Israel"
Bibi's Strong Words vs American Pro-Apartheid Jerusalem, Too Little Too Late
How Can Smart People be So Dumb?
There Should be Health Checks Before Boarding Planes, It makes more sense than isolating air passengers going to Israel.
Revoking Israeli Citizenship? Why Just ISIS Members?
Caroline Glick, Benny Gantz’s troubling assessments
MamaLand Review: Every Picture Tells a Story, a new illustrated weekly parsha book for kids
To everything there is a season…
Even perfect parents can't fully protect their children, Building
It's NOT About the Settlements, Stupid
Best of Sukkot in Jerusalem
Sukkot in the Land of Memory
Family Sukkah Project 2014
When Hebrew isn’t Hebrew
Shabbos App, lay off my Shabbos!
For those who miss and mourn Coffee and Chemo's irreplaceable RivkA, Z"L, Erev zikaron for Rivka - 5775

That's it. So far there aren't any volunteers for next week, so I may have to host again.

There's a great variety of posts here. Please read, comment and share, of course.

Remember, you don't have to be blogger to read and comment and share blog posts! Enjoy and Shavua Tov to all!


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