Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Effective Israeli Defense, Not A Computer Game

As you must know by now, I'm not one of those who considers the Iron Dome Israel's defense savior.  It may catch and destroy some of the deadly missiles the Arab terrorists launch at Israel, but it doesn't stop them from attacking us.  I have no doubt that it just makes them launch more missiles, trying harder to murder and destroy us.  In terms of numbers the Arabs have it right, because a certain percentage of missiles will aways get through, so the more you launch the more damage will be done.

The State of Israel is placing too much emphasis on technology as defense.  I just came across (hat tip IMRA) a site Israel Defense which says the same basic thing:
“All of the cumulative measures developed for unmanned aerial systems in Israel today for supplies to combat units in combat zones cannot substitute regular supply convoys that are well secured,” says a senior source from the IDF’s Technology and Logistics Division.
The source also explained that developments like powered cargo parafoil, unmanned aircraft, and unmanned helicopters are tools that can, in the future, serve special forces, or what he called, "specific needs." However, currently, they cannot substitute convoys of trucks and tankers.
For defense we need people and land, not computer games.

This morning I also read an interesting article on Arutz 7 about the 3 Dimensional topographic raised-relief map system of Israel by Mark Langfan, that makes Israel's situation very clear

With no Israeli West Bank Air Defenses or Airspace, Eastern Front Air Attack can destroy the
Israel Coastal Plains which contain 70%* of Israeli Population/80% of the Israeli Industrial Base.

Langfan quotes Israeli defense authorities saying that if the Arab would attack from their Palestinian sic terror state, then Israel would just enter and conquer it again.  Well, we've heard that one before about all sorts of concessions to the Arab terrorists.  The Arabs then did attack us and the IDF never reversed the gifts of Land to the Arab terrorists.

Besides that bit of history, how could these so-called experts be so foolish as to believe that it's possible to just walk in and retake it (Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley) over?  It's not so simple.

In 1967, G-d gave us a gift, and we've been abusing it ever since.

I just wish, hope and pray, that our government, generals and politicians will open their minds to simple common sense and wisdom.  We must all learn from history, too.
Dry Bones

None of this is really new or revolutionary.


NormanF said...

I wrote in response to this observation the renowned Edward Luttwack noted about the Jews:

It will take centuries before [the Jews] catch up with the instinctive political understanding that any ordinary Englishman has. They don’t understand politics, and of course they confuse their friends and their enemies, and that is the ultimate political proof of imbecility.”

My response was as follows:

I agree with Edward Luttwack’s observation about the Jews. They are are a proud and intelligent people but in politics their stupidity and immaturity is all too often to their detriment.

No other people on earth would give up strategic land for a worthless piece of paper. There is nothing about a tone-deafness to the realities of political power and national interests that benefits Israel.

The idealism about peace has weakened the country even as it has strengthened the standing of its enemies. Maybe one day the Israelis, like the American people, will get it and put their own interests ahead of utopian goals.

Peace is not about satisfying the Arabs. Its about making Israel stronger and allow it to manage the conflict with its enemies to the extent that if a war has to be fought, its on Israel’s terms.

Let’s get rid of the nonsensical notion peace lasts forever. Societies don’t last any more than human beings and their interests do. Nothing in the world will ever last more than a generation.

Life goes on and the true statesman must adapt accordingly.

I might add that in human affairs, there will never be truer words said about politics in our world.

goyisherebbe said...

Besides the "obvious" fact that it is detrimental to give away our strategic assets, there is another vital point missed by Israel's leaders about how to fight a war. You don't fight to a cease fire. You fight to win. Many years ago a friend of mine told me a story about his uncle. He had just parked his car in a rather tough area in Baltimore. As he was about to lock the car, he saw five toughs heading toward him with a threatening look to them. He just happened to have a baseball bat in the back of the car, which he took out. As they rushed him, he brought down that bat on the skull of one randomly chosen attacker. The attacker fell with a thud. The other four guys scattered to the four winds. Marvin's uncle got back into his car and went somewhere else. End of incident. When the UN calls for a cease-fire, ignore it until you have taken out one enemy country completely. Occupy no territory, take no prisoners, but simply render the country non-functional and unliveable for a relatively long time. That gives the enemy the message not even to think of attacking next time.

Batya said...

goyish, amen, you said what needs to be said. When are you going to blog again?

Batya said...

Norman, exactly, thanks