Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ariel Building Freeze Thawing

During the past few weeks I found myself traveling through Ariel a few times.  I know that it had been suffering severely from the Jews only building freeze

Ariel is a Jewish City in Samaria, just fifteen minutes from Shiloh.  At least the university end of the city is fifteen minutes away.  The section where a Rami Levy, Ariel Mall is slated to be built is another five minutes from us.

Driving along the outer road, we see lots of signs indicating building plans and some actual building.

Ariel is a "mixed city" with a very varied population.  There is an active culture life, because there are many immigrants from FSU (the former Soviet Union.)  As I mentioned earlier, there is a large and growing university.  In recent years many Shiloh kids return home after the army and National Service to study in nearby Ariel.  When my daughters were university age, the college was just starting and had very little to offer them.

Some of our neighbors take advantage of the nearby government offices in Ariel instead of traveling much further to Jerusalem.  There's also a discount supermarket at the "far (from Shiloh) end."

I'm not sure exactly how many homes, apartments are under construction, but projects in Ariel are generally large.  The larger Ariel grows the better for us and the entire country.


Pesky Settler said...

The construction going on opposite the university is partly the permanent homes for Netzarim (FINALLY) and partly 'open to the public' housing units (a mix of cottages and apartments I believe).

There's yet another construction project slated to start in the next 6 months or so, more in the center of the town.

Batya said...

Pesky, thanks for the info. And the Rami Levy is an additional one or the second you referred to?

Anonymous said...

more houses, more jews in israel. what can be better than that?

Batya said...