Monday, May 21, 2012

Disgraced Former MK and Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert Tries to Burst Jerusalem "Balloon"

Even though disgraced former Knesset Member and Mayor of Jerusalem Ehud Olmert has been charged with multiple charges of corruption the media, Israeli and international, absolutely adores and respects him.  The Jerusalem Post featured him as a main speaker at their New York Conference a few weeks ago, and now on the forty-fifth anniversary of Israel's totally miraculous 1967 Six Days War victory, the foreign press is publicizing Olmert's dangerous words about dividing Jerusalem again.
Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday urged Israeli leaders to relinquish the idea of a unified Jerusalem if they truly want peace, contending in a pair of interviews that years of government neglect have kept the Jewish and Arab sectors irreparably divided.
His extreme and hypocritical comments have been lapped up by the foreign media.  When Olmert was Mayor he kept the Arabs separated from Jews and as Prime Minister offered them more independence aka separation.
In those talks, Olmert offered to turn over parts of east Jerusalem to the Palestinians, and have Jerusalem's Old City, home to the most sensitive religious sites, be administered by an international consortium including Israelis, Palestinians, Americans, Jordanians and Saudis.
Considering the charges against Olmert, how anyone can give him a "microphone."  It's obvious that those who do only do it because they don't care about Israel's future and security.

Israel has too many enemies always waiting to hear and publicize negative things about Israel.  The United Nations and the European Union consistently look for the most negative "news" they can find; accuracy be damned.  They don't care if their charges are based on reality, as long as they can use it against us.

A JERUSALEM-BASED organisation has released a report lambasting the European Union for spreading inaccurate information about Israel and the Middle East conflict.
Between 2010 and early 2012, six documents from the offices of EU representatives in Israel and the West Bank have been leaked, and all of them were critical of Israel. Now, NGO Monitor, Israel’s self-appointed watchdog of human rights bodies, said it has identified dozens of factual inaccuracies in the reports.

This is extremely dangerous for the future peace and stability in Jerusalem and the State of Israel.  They base their policies on anti-Israel NGO's.

It is bad enough that the EU funds a group whose leaders promote “one-state” polices and use demonizing rhetoric that incites hatred – the fact that this becomes the basis for policy is even worse.
While the EU/NGO reports are filled with false or misleading allegations targeting Israeli policy in Jerusalem, other basic information that contradicts this bias is entirely missing. Thus, there is no discussion of the role of the Jerusalem municipality in providing building permits for Arab residents of Jerusalem at a level comparable to Jewish residents; in opening post offices, public clinics, and classrooms; in inaugurating the light rail systems, which serves both Arab and Jewish neighborhoods; and with respect to other programs for the benefit of Arab neighborhoods.

Instead of encouraging and promoting true peace and coexistence in Jerusalem, Olmert, the European Union, the NGO's and the United Nations all endanger Jerusalem and the State of Israel.

Jerusalem Day, 5772, 2012, photo by Batya Medad


Anonymous said...

i dont get this recent olmert lovefest either. why would i value his opinion? he really does not have a good track record.

shimonmatisyahu said...

It's ironic how everyone around Olmert who were also involved in scams with him, but not to the degree or the amount of scams that he was involved with, were arrested and either already convicted or waiting to be convicted; but Olmert, even though he was interrogated numerous times by the police, has yet to even have handcuffs placed on him.

Batya said...

a, shimon, obviously Olmert is well greased with Teflon.