Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Elliott Gould in the Aish/Jewlarious Movie, Great Acting But...

Apparently I'm not the only viewer of the aish.com - Jewlarious.com three part movie starring Elliott Gould  left rather confused saying:
Duh... So what's the end?  It doesn't seem finished.
I've checked the comments. I'm not alone.  You watch them, if you haven't yet. 

Are we supposed to guess an ending?  And are we supposed to guess how his grandfather really feels about Andy?  We don't see more than some still photos of the mother/daughter who is apparently estranged from her father.  How does she fit into this "disengaged" family?

World Jewry is actually full of all sorts of family relationships like we see in the movie.  Intermarriage and distances have broken up many families.  Many Jews have no Jewish background or identity and don't know their Jewish relatives.  In other cases, people are raised feeling themselves Jewish, but according to Jewish Law they aren't.

What are we supposed to do with these movies?

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