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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Israel May Not Be Perfect, But Where Else...?

Where else, other than in Israel...
  • is the Chanukah menorah lit on television every night of Chanukah?
  • is Sefirat Ha'Omer, the Omer counted on TV?
  • do news announcer and all  sorts of public officials sport sefira/shloshim/three weeks  and other Jewish religious beards while doing their public jobs as usual?
  • does the television news announcer consider it important to explain to the viewers that the Prime Minister's clip about Herzl was recorded before the death of his father?  Nobody should think that the Prime Minister wasn't sitting a proper shiva (mourning period) for his father, Benzion Netanyahu.
Thank G-d.  Things are getting better.  Look at the good and don't concentrate on the bad.


Alex said...

B''H, looking forward to getting to Israel soon!

Rickismom said...

actually, I enjoyed this post more than the ones you submitted to HH....

Batya said...

Alex, that would be great.
Rickismom, so you can include it in HH.