Friday, January 20, 2012

Rami Levi Stores, Not Just Cheap Chicken and Cabbage

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As you know, I work in Yafiz, which is the chain of clothing stores owned by the Rami Levi discount supermarket chainMy store is located in Sha'ar Binyamin, the shopping center (like those built in the USA suburbs during the 1950's) just northeast of Jerusalem, in the Mateh Binyamin, Benjamin Regional Council.

Yesterday just before signing out from work and going into the supermarket for a few items, the buzz was that Pnina Rosenblum, Israel's rags to riches cosmetics industrialist and politician was expected in the supermarket.

My husband would tell you that I rarely admit I'm wrong (maybe because I'm usually right) but when it comes to Rosenblum, I must admit that I was wrong.  When I first began seeing pictures of her at all sorts of events, I'd call her the bimbo.  In the end she has proven to be anything but.  She's a blond, but bimbo she isn't.

I had never noticed, but apparently the Pnina Rosenblum cosmetics, soaps etc are marketed in the Rami Levi store. 

I could hear her complimenting the managers on the display.  Now, our branch of Rami Levi, like most discount supermarkets, isn't a fancy place.  It also doesn't sell high end items.  Rosenblum's products and general philosophy match Rami Levi's.  When she decided to go into politics, she didn't choose an elitist Leftist ideology and party.  Today she's an active member of the Likud and even served as a Likud MK for a short time.

Rosenblum didn't enter the supermarket with an entourage of aides and photographers. That impressed me.  I took these pictures from "discrete" distances using the zoom. 

Seconds after putting away my camera, she came right up to me, as if offering a good shot, but I didn't take it.

The most humorous part of this visit was overhearing the other customers talking about her.  Many hadn't a clue as to who she is and why she was there.  One person explained to another that she's a Likud politician and was flabbergasted when told that she's a cosmetics industrialist.

As I've mentioned frequently, "timing is in the Hand (Power) of G-d, Siyata D'Shmaya.  Yesterday was certainly an example.  Why else would I have ended up working that day, and shopping at exactly that time?  And the icing on the cake was that just as I got on line to pay, I saw my next door neighbor on the next line, and yes, he took me home.  Thank G-d, G-d is Great!

Shabbat Shalom to Everyone


Anonymous said...

Please stop the unwarranted criticism of another Jew simply because you don't like the way they look - or what they do. This is proof you can't tell a book by its cover. More baseless love, please. Shabbat Shalom.

Batya said...

a, read what I wrote. Stop hiding who you are.