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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anti-Israel, Anti-Jewish, Anti-Semitic "PA," Mufti, and BDS Enemies of Peace for Sure

Nothing's new as Dry Bones shows in his timeless cartoons...

Listen to Fred Taub in his expose` of BDS.  Apparently, BDS  is over a hundred years old!

And the PMW Palestinian Media Watch proves that Mufti did apply call to kill Jews to current conflict.
The statements of the two highest religious authorities in the Palestinian Authority are misrepresentations of what the Mufti said. In fact, the words he chose to provide a context for the Hadith show that he quoted this Hadith that anticipates Muslims killing Jews, to make it relevant for the current Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The Mufti introduced the Hadith by referring to the "47 years" of Fatah's and the Palestinian "revolution," thus placing the Hadith in today's context. He then added that this is a "reliable Hadith" from the reliable collections and part of accepted Islamic law and belief. After citing the Hadith, the Mufti claimed that Israelis are planting the "Gharqad tree surrounding the [Israeli] settlements and colonies," thus suggesting that Israel is preparing for when the Muslims fulfill this Hadith and come to kill them. According to the Islamic tradition the Gharqad tree will be the only tree that will not call out to Muslims to kill the Jews hiding behind them. By saying Israelis are already planting Gharqad trees around their cities, the Mufti was explicitly relating the Hadith about the killing of Jews to the current time. He was not merely citing "historical religious writings," as claimed. (complete article)

The State of Israel and Jews all over the world really do have enemies who have no compunctions about using violence of all sorts against us.  To survive and thrive, we must be willing to fight and defeat them in all ways possible!

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