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Friday, January 13, 2012

Cruelty to Children

What if the Israeli Government would barge into the apartment of illegal foreign workers, rouse them and their children in the middle of the night, destroy their possessions and force the residents, men, women and children into the cold rainy night?

It's obvious what would happen:
  • All of the Israeli human rights groups would protest.
  • The media would be enraged and publicize the inhuman cruelty.
  • Lots of MK's and wannabes would protest, make speeches, write op-eds, get interviewed in the media etc.
  • Educators and academics would protest, talking about the permanent emotional harm these attacks by the cruel Israeli government.
Nu, something similar did happen, and not for the first time.  But it didn't happen to illegal foreign workers in Israel.  It happened to Israeli citizens.  Defense Minister Ehud Barak, with the full support of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu have gone to war against Jews.  I guess we here here in Israel have no security problems, no enemies or Arab terrorists for the army to be concerned with.

Just like Barak and his band of human rights terrorists did in Alei Ayin, Migron and too many other sites to list here (you're invited to add them and links in the comments,) yesterday a cold dawn witnessed Barak and Netanyahu's most recent destruction of Jewish homes in Mitzpeh Avichai.

Read Arlene Kushner's reaction:
But that's not what happened last night in Mitzpe Avichai, outside of Kiryat Arba (which is itself adjacent to Hevron). Police and representatives of the civil administration, after first blocking roads, came in the small hours of the morning, roused families from their beds, ordered them outside and destroyed their temporary homes. There was a light rain falling and the temperature was close to the freezing point. Ten structures were destroyed, nine of which were inhabited. I believe the tenth was a synagogue. Among the families so evicted were several children and babies. The Flaishman family, by itself, for example, has seven children. Miriam, the mother of these children, said, "They arrived in the middle of the night. It was brutal. I woke up after they broke down the door and were already in the living room." This is simply unacceptable.
Please voice yours wherever possible.

May there be a Shabbat Shalom

PS I had been wondering why none of the predicted rain had fallen yesterday. Rain here in the HolyLand is a gift from G-d. No doubt that G-d punished us by drying the clouds.


Kira said...

No! Part of having a country is having laws that are enforced. When Moshiach comes and people rebel against his laws, you think he'll let it pass? You think Shlomo Hamelech, when he "filled in the Milo", what do you think he did with the squatters there?

These people put their children in harms way and then ask for Rachmanus? Is that not the definition of Chutzpah?

Oh, and it rained all over the country. Perhaps not on the land where people are rebelling against the first gov't the Jewish people have had in 2000 years!

Leah said...

Kira, I persoanlly don't know what Shlomo Hamelech did with the squatters. Is there a commentary on it? If so, I would love to see it.
I do believe, that as a nation, we are headed toward a downfall in because of these things and I believe they are abhorant in the eyes of Hashem. Gush Katif. Does it not break your heart, Kira?

Moriah said...

"Perhaps not on the land where people are rebelling against the first gov't the Jewish people have had in 2000 years!"

A government that throws thousands of Jews out of their homes in Gush Katif out of a desire to appease the nations and the enemy after encouraging them to live there - after giving their blessing? A government that sanctions gay pride parades in Jerusalem? Tel Aviv in the gay capital of the world! http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4174274,00.html

This is a government we should respect? G-d forbid! How can you compare Barak and Bibi to David Ha melech? And you call the most loyal Jews in Israel squatters? I wish I hadn't read your comment.

Judges 17:6

In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

Batya said...

Kira, you don't know what you're talking about. The only squatters are the Arabs. Jews on Jewish Land shouldn't be thrown out of their home and treated like criminals.

Shlomo HaMelech paid dearly for his sins, which resemble the Jewish sympathy for children of illegal foreign workers, illegal workers who are breaking the law by staying after their visas expire.

Leah, Moriah, thanks and Shavua tov

Hadassa said...

Remember Ozeri of Kiryat Arba? He and his family lived in a caravan within the official boundaries of the community. He was murdered by an Arab terrorist who came to his door, knocked and called him by name, with a French accent, like the one the head of security had. Ozeri was suspicious nevertheless. He and a guest had guns ready, but he was murdered anyway. He opened the door, but caravan doors are no protection against bullets.

Two months later his widow and orphans were torn out of their caravan in the middle of a cold night. They did not know to where they were being taken and were not allowed to take basic supplies with them.
Shavua tov.

Batya said...

hadassa, so horrid. Why don't people care?

Hadassa said...

Search "settlers aren't human" for the answer...

Batya said...