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Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Kosher Jesus": judging a book by its cover

Posted by Jewish Israel

Last August Jewish Israel reported on Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's plans to launch his book "Kosher Jesus". In this newest report we ask, "how far and low will a Jewish man go in order to ensure and secure that loving embrace from evangelical Christians?" It seems we're about to find out as "Rabbi Shmuley" attempts to theologically reconcile Judaism with Christianity.

In this extensive report Jewish Israel explores Boteach's high risk venture from a number of angles and takes a look at the reactions coming in from rabbis, counter-missionaries, and Christians.

Ya gotta wonder if Shmuley jumped the shark…more


Batya said...

Thanks for the excellent article.

ellen said...

Glad you approve, Batya!

Mrs.Dash said...

The best summation (IMO) was left by a poster at the "Jerusalem Post" article re: their awaiting the book "Kosher Shumley." Gotta love Jewish humor. But I think the rabbi will, in all due respect, make crucial inroads in getting Christians to delve deeper into the (fabricated) roots of their faith. No, it will not be pretty.


ellen said...

Rabbi Boteach has contacted Jewish Israel with regards to our report. In an ongoing email exchange he has called the report "professional and presented well" and noted that the report had "valid" points. He has taken a special interest in the graphics.
The correspondence has been linked from our report in an update. Jewish Israel has added new related links and reviews to the report and will continue to keep it updated.

Batya said...

Ellen, thanks so much. I'm glad that he's taking JI seriously.

Mrs.Dash said...

Batya calls this a "dangerous book" on Ellen's linked blog. Have you read it Batya or Ellen? Still awaiting my copy in the mail -- but I will chime in with my (non-Jewish/non-Christian) opinion.

"There are those in this country who try to discourage meaningful communication between Jews and Christians..."

~Rabbi Daniel Lapin



There must be some of those in your country, too!

Batya said...

Mrs. Dash, some things are forbidden by Jewish Law, like mixing meat and milk and having certain types of theological discussions.

Mrs.Dash said...

So it is just "dangerous" to Jews and Christians. Got it.

Somebody call Tipper Gore to slap a warning label on it!

ellen said...

Rabbi Boteach has been writing, speaking and debating about jesus, evangelicals, and his views on interfaith relations for many years now. There are very few secrets left and Shmuley tells all
all the time.

Jewish Israel did not intend to write a book review. Nevertheless, we personally consulted with a number of people who have read and reviewed the book prior to penning our most recent report. And we read a number of pages which have been made available to the public.
Boteach himself noted that the report was professional and had valid points.

The cover was so offensive to Jewish sensitivities, that many have rightfully judged this book by its cover and by an author who craves publicity, and by the way, has just announced his intentions to run for Congress in New Jersey.

Hadassa said...

Oh great. New Jersey? I hadn't seen the state mentioned yet. Most of our families live there...
(P.S. My word verification was "eyerot")

Mrs.Dash said...

Ellen -- the cover was a poor choice, agreed. But I could not be more pleased, so far, with the knowledge found within. If you read nothing else, be brave and give Chapter Eight a look: "Jesus Never Claimed to be Divine." Especially the insights found in the sub-chapter "Jesus the Politician."

>Right up your and Mr. and Mrs. Batya's alleys. In a good way ;)