Thursday, January 19, 2012

News! Jews Finally Allowed to Travel/Drive on Adam- Atarot Road

OK, it's only for three hours for a start, but on Wednesday, January 18, 2012, the road from the Adam Junction to Atarot and northern Jerusalem was open to Jewish traffic during rush hour, on a trial basis

For the past few years, Jew have been banned from traveling on that road because the Arabs had attacked Jews there.  OK, it doesn't make much sense to punish the victims and give victory to the terrorists, but since when can you find logic in Israel's policies when it comes to Jewish rights?  During this time, there was apartheid on the roads.  Arabs could go on whatever road was more convenient, and Jews are still restricted.  But what do you hear from the faux human rights groups, foreign diplomats and the media?  You hear that Arabs are discriminated against and forbidden to travel on most roads.

Not long ago there were soldiers stationed at the junction whose job it was to davka keep Jews off of the road.  I was once a passenger in a car that had been warned away.

Davka, on Wednesday I traveled to Jerusalem and saw the Jews being signalled that they can drive on that road.  Here are two pictures I took.

In recent months the Benjamin Regional Council, just north of Jerusalem where the junction is located, has been making great strides in reducing the early morning rush hour traffic jams.  I only travel to Jerusalem once a week during those hours, but I've seen an enormous improvement, reduction in travel time.


Shelly said...

It was just Wednesday, a one off...

Batya said...

Shelly,ok, I reread it a few times until I got it. Thanks