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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jews Attacked by Jews, Davka at the Dawn of the Tenth of Tevet

Today's the Tenth of Tevet, a day of mourning and fasting.  It commemorates "the beginning of the end..."  It was the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem
Tevet 10

In 424 BCE, Babylonia King Nebuchadnezzar began his siege of Jerusalem. Actually, there was little damage on that first day and no Jews were killed, yet it began a chain of disasters which ended with the destruction of the Holy Temple. The 10th of Tevet is still observed today by Jews as a public fast day, as mentioned by the prophet Zechariah (8:19). One year after Nebuchadnezzar's siege, on this date in 423 BCE, Jeremiah purchased a field and prophesized that "Houses, fields and vineyards will yet again be bought in this land" (Jeremiah 32:15). This gave hope to generations of Jews for a return to the Holy Land -- a prophecy that we have seen fulfilled in modern times. (from aish.com)

We fast every year to remember, to learn from it. So why are we so "thick?" Why hasn't the Jewish People and the State of Israel learned anything even after thousands of years?
At about 4:00 AM Thursday, residents of Havat Gilad said, a group of armed, masked men broke into two homes, frightening the residents, who thought they were under attack. The masked men left behind the orders. A spokesperson for Havat Gilad said that “this operation was another example of the humiliation residents of Yesha are forced to undergo daily by the Defense Minister and his messengers, under the aegis of the Prime Minister.” (complete article)

This is so outrageous!  What is this going to become, the Argentina of thirty years ago, G-d forbid

  • "Masked men" representing the Israeli Government?
  • Persecuting people for their patriotism?
  • "Idealogical crimes?"
Our country, the State of Israel is in danger and the government is going after Jews, not terrorists.

We have a long way to go...  G-d willing, we'll find the right way to be good, strong, proud and loyal Jews.  That will strengthen the State of Israel and guarantee our survival.

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