Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Proof For The Police

I'm a pedestrian.  We don't have a car.  I walk, and I walk a lot.  I'll be walking even more, because I'm angry with Egged, the bus company, for selling me the wrong bus ticket on my Rav-Kav.  It wasted a lot of money and they weren't willing to credit me, but that's another story.  When I stormed out of the "Public Complaints" office I told the schnuks that I'm thankful that G-d gave me the good health, even at my age, to walk, and so I will do my best not to take the bus in Jerusalem, unless I really have no choice.  But of course that's another story. The moral of that one is to check very carefully what you signed for and bought and for how much, even if you're risking missing a bus.

Here in Israel, even in small communities like Shiloh and Ofra, there are "cross-walks" where pedestrians are supposed to have right of way to cross the street.  Too often cars and buses stop on the cross-walk making it very dangerous for pedestrians to find the room to walk or see the traffic light.  After my unpleasant and unsuccessful scene at Egged, I caught two drivers breaking that law.  If the Jerusalem traffic cops want, they can use these photos to ticket the drivers.

And later when I got to the Shmuel Hanavi bus stop to wait for my bus I saw a car parked there for the longest time.  Yes, that, too, is forbidden by law.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, just the other day, my friend who bought one of those bus tickets for like 10 rides could not even get credited for unused parts of it after the Rav Kav card began on November 1. You would think that at least there would be a grace period for the old tickets to be used, but this is outright robbery, which I am sure that Egged purposely planned in advance. Of course this is far from the only problems that Egged gives. In my town of Kiryat Arba, you need to wait for an earlier bus if you want to get to work or school on time, because sometimes, the bus drivers either do not come at all at the scheduled time, or will bypass people waiting because all the seats are taken, even though there is plenty of standing space, and then you have to wait sometimes like another half hour, though ironically in Yerushalayim where you can always catch a different number bus if you need to, the buses are sometimes packed as sardines with no capacity limitations. Also, some bus drivers complain if you give them too much change - like half shekels - for the fare, when their job is to shut their mouths and take the passenger's money if this pays the fare; otherwise, they are stealing from Egged in lieu of giving good customer service.


Batya said...

a, Rav-Kav started Dec, and I had no problem getting cash for the few rides left on a total mess of a "paper" cartisiyah. You just have to go to the right clerk in the "CBS" when he's open. It's the easiest thing to do.

We also have the problem that drivers are sometimes fined for traveling with standing passengers. Keep complaining about it to both Egged and your Local govt. Your local govt should be lobbying for more buses. The schedules just changed again, maybe for the better. Ours did, B"H. And about the change problem, complain on the official forms.