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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Latma Gets it Right!!

This week's Latma:
In this week's Tribal Update we interview Haaretz columnist Demon Levy about his surprise defense of Haredim, we present a public service message for the IQ deficient, the average Israeli discusses a certain sector and Bibi shows his feelings about the Supreme Court.

Latma is a project of Caroline Glick, who writes the best opinion pieces in the Jerusalem Post.  Read her latest "The Land For Peace Hoax."


Dov Bar-Leib said...

The Bibi impersonation truly captures where his head is at. If he can't get a standing ovation 35 times from a joint meeting of the US Congress, he seems a bit lost. I think he needs an injection of a drug which tells him that something might be right irregardless of the number of standing ovations that one might receive. Around these parts we call this Emunah and Bitachon. I hope for his sake he finds this drug very, very soon. Otherwise, we are in Geulah mode. So HaShem will simply find a replacement for this bewildered gent.

Batya said...

Dov, Bibi's aim is to be Center, not Right, so he's wrong.