Sunday, July 31, 2011

The United States and United Nations Working Against Israel

This really shouldn't surprise any of us who read past the headlines.  Two recent articles prove the saying:

Even a paranoid can have enemies.
Henry A. Kissinger
I don't know if Kissenger really was the first to say it, but it's definitely true.

No surprise but the United Nations and its organizations, especially the ones claiming to be humanitarian are against Israel.  Read:
UNRWA Association with Hamas: An Overview
Arlene Kushner
Many times I've blogged about the truth in the movie The Siege, which didn't get the popularity it deserved.  Bruce Willis did his worst acting in it, which may be one of the reasons nobody watches it but me.  If you've seen it, you won't be surprised by this article:
Proof - U.S. Aid To Abbas' PA Is Funding Terrorists
The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has renewed its long-standing call for an end to U.S. taxpayer-funded aid to Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority (PA) following detailed revelations U.S. funds are reaching the hands of blood-soaked Jew-killing terrorists. A report, utilizing among other sources Palestinian statutes and official PA media reports, presented to the U.S. Congress by Palestinian Media Watch, demonstrates that Abbas’ PA pays monthly salaries to 5,500 jailed Palestinians in Israeli prisons, including terrorists and that it funds these salaries from its general budget, a good deal of which is provided by U.S. financial aid.

This runs contrary to U.S. law, which prohibits funding of any person who “... engages in, or has engaged in, terrorist activity.” U.S. law also prohibits funding “for the purpose of recognizing or otherwise honoring individuals who commit, or have committed acts of terrorism.” Also, the 2010 legislation that authorized aid to the PA said that the State Department must “take all appropriate steps to ensure that such assistance is not provided to or through any individual, private or government entity, or educational institution that the Secretary knows or has reason to believe advocates, plans, sponsors, engages in, or has engaged in, terrorist activity.”

The PA, as the ZOA has repeatedly documented, glorifies and honors individual terrorists, naming schools, streets and sports teams after them, as well as supporting an educational system which glorifies terrorism, including suicide terrorism. (complete article)

Yes, the world is against us, and we must stop looking to other peoples and nations for help. The blueprint for our salvation is in the Bible.  Jews must keep the G-d given Mitzvot, commandments.


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If you're going to quote the anti-Semite Kissinger, might as well quote Arafat or Hitler or Soros.

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Van, even sinners like Kissengers sometimes get it right.