Saturday, July 16, 2011

Rosh Chodesh Av, August 1, Good Time to Pray

The Jewish Month of Elul, the month before Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur is traditionally to time for reflection, repentance, tshuva, but when you think about it, that should begin a month earlier, on the first of the month of Av. This year it falls on August 1.

Av is a time of mourning the destruction of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple.  Chazal, our sages tell us that the cause was the bad relations between fellow Jews.  Because of this we enter a period of mourning from the 17th of Tamuz until the 10th of Av.  It becomes most intense from the first of Av until the 9th.

For the past few years I've been inviting women to join me for Rosh Chodesh Prayers in Tel Shiloh.  Shiloh is a traditional place for prayers.  The Holy Tabernacle was located there for 369 years.  It's where Biblical Chana successfully prayed for a son.

Women's Prayers at Tel Shiloh
Rosh Chodesh Av
Monday, August 1, 2011
Dvar Torah, Short Torah Lesson
...Please come, and invite family, friends and neighbors
תפילת נשים
ראש חודש אב בתל שילה
יום ב' 1-8 9:30
יהיה דבר תורה קצר
נא לבוא, לפרסם ולהזמין חברות, משפחה ושכנות

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