Thursday, July 21, 2011

Migron, Prevent Another Amona!

I received this notice form Mattot Arim:

אנא לצלצל או לסמס מייד לשרי וח"כי הליכוד והמפד"ל, ולאלי ישי:

המצב במגרון קריטי. תהיה הריסה, כנראה עד יום א אם נתניהו לא יוציא את ראשו מהחול. כל שר וח"כ חייב לנו הסבר מה הוא עושה בדקות ושעות אלה, כדי להפעיל ולנער ולשכנע את ראש הממשלה. גם מי שעושה -- כנראה עוד לא עשה מספיק, כי מבצע ההריסה של שלושת (בינתיים...) הבתים במגרון, טרם בוטל.

אפשר בכל עת, עד 2300 לפחות, עד כניסת שבת אם קבלת מייל זה ביום ו, ובצאת שבת עד 2400, יום ראשון החל מ-700. ביום א או אף לפני ייתכן חלילה שתהיה הריסה. המצב מאד מאד דחוף. לאחר (לא לפני) שצלצלת או סימסת, אנא העבר הלאה, תודה רבה.

דוגמה ל-סמס: המצב במגרון קריטי,הפעלת את רוהמ? פועלך הנמרץ קריטי ביותר!

משה כחלון M. Cachlon 050-6845584 * יולי אדלשטיין Yuli Edelstein 050-3334298
גלעד ארדן Gilad Erdan 050-5936500 * משה בוגי יעלון Bogy Yaelon 0505313133
* סילבן שלום 0506208500 Silvan Shalom
ד"ר בני בגין 0506234538 Benny Begin *
קרא איוב Ayoub Kara 050-6233617
דני דנון Danny Danon 052-3535776 לאה נס Leah Nes 050-5247077
גילה גמליאל G. Gamliel 052-2700727
ציון פיניאן Tzion Pinian 050-5309110
אורי אורבך Uri Orbach 050-7858073
פרופ' דניאל הרשקוביץ 0544622045 Daniel Hershkowitz
אלי ישי Eli Yishai 0506240933 0506240925
*לימור לבנת Limor Livnat 0505-200-050 * אופיר אקוניס 0502002004
חיים כץ: 052-3274333; מירי רגב: 052-6826666;
זאב אלקין ZEEV ELKIN 050-4623582; כרמל שאמה: 052-6566666;
יריב לוין: 052-2769183; * ישראל כץ 050-6233939
גדעון סער Gideon Saar 050-6343111 יוסי פלד Yossi Peled 050-3333160
רובי ריבלין R. Rivlin 050-5233818
ציפי חוטובלי Z. Hutabeli 050-7423350 *
זבולון אורלב Zvulun Orlev 052-3969888

Please immediately call or SMS the ministers and Knesset Members of Likud, plus Jewish Home/Mafdal, plus Eli Yishai head of Shas. The situation in Migron is criticial. There will be a house-bashing, Gush-Katif-like event there Sunday or earlier, if PM Netanyahu does not finally take his head out of the sand. Each and every minister and MK owes us an explanation of what s/he is doing exactly, right this minute and in the hours to come, to get Netanyahu's attention focussed, at long last, on the Migron problem. Even those ministers and MKs who have done something for Migron, obviously have not done enough, because the house-bashing orders have not been cancelled. So, each and every MK/minister should be racking their brains at this very moment, for new, better and more ideas of what they can do instantly. Use the cellphone numbers below - till 11 pm, till Shabat candle-lighting time if you got this email on Friday, immediately after Shabat and on until midnight, and from 7 am Sunday morning. The situation is very urgent, turn to the MKs and ministers and AFTERWARDS, pass this on, urging your contacts to send SMS's or call as you have just done. Example SMS: Demolition in Jewish Migron imminent: Sunday or before. You MUST convince PM to CANCEL THIS NOW!


We don't want another Amona.  I'd like to see the Israeli Government go after Arabs who build on public land and encroach on Jewish communities.


Hadassa said...

I just read a report in Hebrew on A7 that Migron looks like a "Happening". K'far Maimon looked like that about six years ago.

aparatchik said...

Wikipedia says that Migron is built on privately owned Arab land. Is this correct?

Batya said...

Hadassa, they're using the same "party planners."
apar' wikipedia doesn't know it all. Many of those who produce their copy have their "agendas."

aparatchik said...

Thanks, Batya, I'm wary of Wikipedia but where can one get accurate information? Is there a map showing public/private ownership of Yesha land?

Batya said...

For this I'd go to Moetzet YESHA

aparatchik said...

Thank you, not much English stuff there but I will e-mail them.

Open said...

Why do those people build houses without buying the plot first? It makes me sad, because they just throw their good money out of the window. Why would any rational being do something like this?

Would you buy the brooklyn bridge if someone tried to sell it to you? So how come real estate agents can convince people to build houses on ground that is not theirs? Those real estate agents must be quite convincing fraudsters...

Hadassa said...

Open, judging by your comment you need a history course in how Jews came back to Judea and Samaria after the Six Day War and built communities.

Open said...

Well, as far as I know, the Israeli military authority alotted land to settlers, stipulating that they have to give it back whenever they ask for it.

In a report about Migron it says that the settlements did not have the necessary permits from the defense ministry and government.

I think in every civilised country it is clear that you have to have a building permit in order to build a house: even if the land belongs to you, you cannot build houses on farm land.

If the land does not belong to you, I think, as a general principle, it is not a good idea to build. What for? Spend hundereds of thousands of dollars for a house that you will have to leave or tear down as soon as you are told to give the land back (as was stated in your contract?)? In my view, that's throwing money out of the window. If you have a few hundered thousand to squander, go ahead. Most people don't.

By the way, I think that those settlement councils have a slightly dishonest twist, because they try to attract people to their settlements and outposts, knowing full well that the houses they build or buy might be taken away from them at any moment. Why do they talk people into losing their money? It's beyond me!

Over here, I cannot start building houses on farm land.