Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway Reeling After Terror Attacks, Nobody is Immune

That's the message.  No country is immune from terror.  Norway, enjoying its full-time sunshine wasn't prepared for Friday's terror attacks.  Reports say over ninety murdered, and the targeted were the future elites of the country.

When I turned off the TV news before Shabbat on Friday, I kept hearing first person reactions from Norway stressing that they couldn't understand how it could have happened in peaceful Norway.

Well, I'm sorry, but it can happen anywhere.  Wasn't that one of the unpleasant messages of 9-11?  Even if you tolerate, support and encourage the terrorists to take out their violence on Israelis, especially those in Judea and Samaria, you won't be immune.  All you do is provide training ground and encouragement.

All terrorism must be stopped and destroyed.  The world must enforce "zero tolerance" for terrorism.


Tidbits of Torah said...

Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld, Chairman of the Board of Fellows at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, while speaking during a press conference in Oslo (24.03.2010) for his recently released book “Anti-Semitism in Norway”, made the following prolific near-perfect prediction:

“The problems of Malmö as a European capital of hatred had been known to experts for four years at least. Now they suddenly are widely known internationally. Will Oslo be the next Malmö? In my opinion what happens here concerning anti-Israelism and anti-semitism will reach the international press in six months to two years. Whether you want to solve the problem before, the Norwegians have to decide themselves. Thank you for your attention.”

Concerning the city of Malmö, the hub of Muslim immigration and anti-Semitism in Sweden and that of Oslo, the dear doctor made only a slight mistake in his forecast, in fact it took only less than a week. Here is an article from the Swiss daily NZZ (Neue Zurcher Zeitung), which is considered one of the leading media in the German language. It equates Norway and Malmö in regards to their anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism

Batya said...

tot, thanks for the info

beakerkin said...

Oddly the loons that were killed had just sponsored some cliche support for the Pseudostinians the day before. This is a horrible crime but I have zero patience for lefties who encourage and rationalize butchry of Jews and Americans crying when their own Ox is gored.

Batya said...

Beak, all terrorism is bad.

beakerkin said...


Mark my words as a prophecy. Someday both Arab and Jew will grasp that the entire conflict was stoked by the far left for nefarious reasons.

Terrorism is a leftist creation and the theocrats merely mimicked far left populist antisemitism and violence. There were massacres before, but modern terrorism as a publicity stunt is far left invention.

Of course all terrorism is evil.Yet
who aids and abets every terrorist but this one ... the far left.

brachzlee said...

let our thoughts go out to the victims of the terror attack in oslo and in the world. I bring you a nice video, i hope falls you well:

Batya said...

Beak, would the Arabs really care?
Brach, do those victims see us as the same?

beakerkin said...


Arab Spring has an element missed by many. It is mainly happening in Arab Socialist messes. The decades of failed economies with little more than populist Jew hatred to justify its corruption has ended. Many forget that the leftist economic Nasserite policies in Egypt remained long after it ditched the USSR.

Employed people have less time and motivation to build bombs.

Arabs were being stoked by the far left before Israel was born. There can be peace between Jew and Arab when both sides look at who stirred the pot.

Batya said...

Beak, I highly doubt that the demonstrators/rioters are demonstrating for democracy and freedom. they just want a larger slice of the pie.