Monday, July 25, 2011

Obama, The Modern "Cloud" President

Before I get started, I have a question for you.  I'm going to turn this into a blog poll.  Please respond and pass/share this around.  Thanks
  • Do you think United States President Obama will be elected for a second term? Yes/No
  • Will Obama be re-elected because he has been doing a great job? Yes/No
  • Will Obama be re-elected because the Republicans don't have a good candidate? Yes/No
The Obama "celebrity" reminds me of the modern "data storage" so perfectly described in one of Dry Bones recent posts:

"...I write and sketch all my cartoon "roughs" in little spiral-bound notebooks. Over the years I've gone through hundreds of notebooks. All now sitting on shelves and packed into boxes. I often think of scanning them, but the truth is that long after my hard drives have lost their magnetism (and my saved data) those notebooks will remain stable. They'll keep their data for hundreds of years longer than any digital memory will.

Here's a thought, suppose they'd invented the computer first... would we all now be rushing to buy the latest cool advance ...the spiral notebook?!" (complete article)
This is definitely connected to his more recent post about U. S. Policy.  Yes, that's Obama's foreign policy.


Keli Ata said...

I think Obama will be re-elected unless the Repulicans chose a strong candidate to run against him, and employ his Gamaliel Foundation training against him in all public debates.

Of course I'll do my part by not voting for him

Batya said...

So, Keli, it's really up to the Republicans? Will many sit out the elections in disgust?

Anonymous said...

No matter what he does, no matter how high the unemployment tae gets, no matter how far America falls into debt ... American liberals will vote for him based on RACE.
Maybe .... just maybe .... he can be defeated by Perry ... Don't mess with Texas!
BUT GOP woll hold the house and good chance they get control of the Senate.

Leah said...

I pray he does not stay with the administration, yet this man plays the race game to "his" fullest potential. He may very well end up going on for a second term because although it is obvious that he is the worst president, the libs will try to keep him and unfortunately the lib jews still like him in spite of the fact that he would like to throw Israel under a bus with all of his arab friends in power.
Now, if the man does end up continuing in the admin then Heaven help us because as a friend of mine said, " The first four years will have been the set up and the next four years will be when the gloves come off and he will have nothing to lose so he will go for Israel and down with USA as well..."

Moriah said...

Obama is going to be POTUS again even if the Republicans find the greatest candidate since Ronald Reagan. Obama is 'playing the game' the Chicago way' and even if a GOP candidate won by a landslide, Obama will win..Obama plays dirty and he doesn't care a wit about our democratic system. He hasn't finished the job yet. He's going to plow ahead until he finishes the job and until he finishes America, as we know her, off...

Batya said...

SBL, Leah, no doubt his color elected him and most Americans are "color blind" in his favor.