Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Murdoch: The Buck Doesn't Stop Here!

We had the tv on yesterday, news of course.  BBC had live coverage of the Murdoch "phone hacking hearings."  The Murdoch defense could easily be summarized as the antithesis of Harry Truman's famous saying.  The Murdoch's insisted that they knew nothing.

You shouldn't think the British hearings were dull.  Actually, there was some unscheduled "entertainment."  Rupert Murdoch's young wife doubled as bodyguard when she physically defended him, showing reflexes and daring that beat everyone else in the room.

While watching the hearings, I kept thinking of the American tv series "Dirt," which we had watched for a while.  I think we saw all or certainly most of the first season or even its final (second) one. The characters and story line are extremely unpleasant and immoral/amoral.
Lucy: The editor of DirtNow magazine, the "glossy tabloid". She's a workaholic who wastes no time on boring stories or unverifiable gossip, instead obsessed with constantly breaking new news stories. She has little remorse about the lives she tangles with and often will destroy lives of celebrities if they refuse to cooperate with her.
I kept wondering how much the series must have had been based  on some true life media, maybe like the Murdoch media empireWarning, you may find the show offensive.  Watch at your own risk.

The Murdoch business/family's aim is to make money. It's clear that as long as their "underlings" succeed they don't ask too many questions. Finally some of the victims have reacted and gotten the attention of the world. Isn't that a media success?


Anonymous said...

Please! Spare us from this trash!

Anonymous said...

My Dear!
What damage my neshama just suffered because I was foolish enough to open the TV series on your blog. What happened that you decided to put such horror in front of Jewish eyes?

Batya said...

a's 2 & 2, sorry, I'll add a warning.
I just wondeer how accurate the show is in terms of how Murdoch's news gets their scoops.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! And Batya gave me such a scolding last year for posting a link to a much lamer and tamer excerpt from the 1950's sci-fi classic "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

Batya said...

Shy, did I?