Saturday, December 9, 2006

You can take your "help" and...

Their "help" is killing us!

Baker aide: We aim to help Israel

We don't need foreign busy-bodies who treat us like wayward children.

  • They are not our superiors!
  • They don't care if we live or die!
  • Baker, for example, has a very conistent track record as anti-Israel

the Arabs are the problem, not us!

"The United States must build a new international consensus for stability in Iraq and the region. In order to foster such consensus, the United States should embark on a robust diplomatic effort to establish an international support ... [which] should include every country that has an interest in averting a chaotic Iraq, including all of Iraq's neighbors - Iran and Syria among them. Despite the well-known differences between many of these countries, they all share an interest in avoiding the horrific consequences that would flow from a chaotic Iraq, particularly a humanitarian catastrophe and regional destabilization."

- The Iraq Study Group Report

How embarrassing. Senior figures from both major American parties have, in broad daylight, betrayed such staggering naivete that their report might not have passed muster with a reasonably discerning high school teacher, let alone offered a serious basis for US foreign policy.

One wonders whether a single Iraqi, Jordanian, or Saudi with whom the committee spoke believes that Iran "has an interest in averting a chaotic Iraq." The report itself delicately admits that Iran "supports various Shia militias in Iraq."

It is difficult to believe that anyone seeking to reduce Iranian influence in the region would advocate inviting Iran and Syria to join in an "Iraq Support Group." For what purpose? On what basis?



beakerkin said...

James Baker has been on the Saudi Payroll for twenty years.

Batya said...

thanks for the input