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Monday, December 4, 2006

Introducing my new image!

I decided the time had come to change my image, the picture in my profile, so I asked my photo maven, the one and only Fred, to play around with some pictures I had.

Since this is the Shiloh Musings blog, and I'm the "shilohmuse," it was obvious that we needed a picture of the Mishkan, the Ancient Tabernacle, which stood in Shiloh during the 369 years it was the capital of the Jewish Nation. Our main synagogue is designed to be as close to the original Mishkan as possible, so he used a picture I took of it. And that's me, of course, from a picture taken with my daughters and granddaughters, if I remember correctly.

Getting the picture into my profile wasn't so simple, as blogger kept rejecting all the codes I sent for all sorts of reasons. I kept asking what to do, and finally Sarah gave me an idea or sorts. I didn't do exactly what she said, but I figured out how to make different sizes on photobucket.

And now I had better get moving; it's late and I don't have much time before I have to teach the little darlings. Let's see if they remember anything from yesterday.

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