Wednesday, December 6, 2006

A Drought of Leadership

What do we get from the United States? What is this aid? And what are the conditions?

A high percentage are loans, and of the "aid" most must be spent in the United States.
Roughly 26 percent of what Israel receives in Foreign Military Financing (FMF) can be spent in Israel for military procurement. From FY1988 to FY 1990, Israel was allowed to use $400 million in Israel. From FY1991 to FY1998, the amount was increased to $475 million. As U.S. military aid to Israel increased, according to the agreement to cut economic aid, the amount set aside for defense purchases in Israel has increased (but the percentage has remained roughly the same). In FY2004, the figure was $568 million. The remaining 74 percent of FMF was spent in the United States to generate profits and jobs. More than 1,000 companies in 47 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have signed contracts worth billions of dollars through this program.
This strengthens the Unites States economy, weakens Israel's military industries and gives the US the tools to control Israel. When Israel buys from American defense industries and improves on the weapon, America profits, not Israel.

Israel is totally restricted in marketing any product with American components. The United States has vetoed deals which would have been good for Israel.
In a sign of lingering bilateral tension over Israeli defense trade
controls, the U.S. government has imposed a media blackout on an event
Israeli planners had hoped would showcase fruits of a yearlong,
interministerial effort to revamp the nation's export licensing system.
This makes Israel even more dependent on America.

The United States understands that its policies should promote the United States. Israel must learn the lesson that Israel must do what's best for Israel, and that is to become totally independent. That includes financial independence!

We must take responsibility for ourselves.

We have the potential. We just aren't using it.

At present, even after the wettest October on record, November was one of the driest. The rain comes from G-d, in response to our behavior, so it's clear that, as a Nation, we are sinning.

The Ministry of Education is ordering the new textbooks to wipe out our 1967 victory over Arab aggression and reimpose the old "green line."

Israel was once a country that ordered its army to risk everything to bring every soldier home, alive or dead. This has changed.

The Prime Minister told a group of 11th graders at the Amal High School in Nahariya on Monday that he decided during the second Lebanon War this summer to agree to a ceasefire to avoid risking the lives of more soldiers.
Olmert's tired, no?

So let's grant his wish and send him out to pasture!
We need a new government, NOW!


Anonymous said...

I agree that Israel should be independent and care about its own interests, but don't you think that the US is a friend we should cherish and appreciate?

Batya said...

I honestly don't think that the US is a true friend of Israel.

Anonymous said...

This is certainly an interesting position to take. Why do you think the US is not our friend?

It usually backs Israel and has a "special" relationship with the country. The UN and Europe are busy scribbling resolution after resolution against Israel, while the US is on our side.

We, Jews, are actually accused of controlling the American foreign policy. And our manifest friendship thus seems worrying to assorted anti-Zionists and anti-Semites.

Batya said...

a true friend gives unconditional friendship

America is always demanding from Israel, I'll give if...

It's more like an abusive partner, threatening and all

Anonymous said...

You are right, of course. But in the world of politics, we probably can't expect unconditional friendship.

Anonymous said...

Devora, you should remember that every penny of aid Israel accepts is a Avera. As it is explicitly forbidden for the Jewish people as a nation to accept monetary aid from a non-Jewish nation. Rambam Mishne Torah Hilchot Melachim perek 3.

Batya said...

None of this is friendship; it's manipulative abuse.