Friday, December 22, 2006

Good News, but...

...Why should a Jewish family have been thrown out of their home at all?

And why shouldn't the purchase of property by Jews be considered "invalid?"

If such discrimination had happened to Arabs, all of the international civil rights activists--led by Jews, of course, would have attacked the government! But since Jews are being deprived their civil rights, nobody cares.

I consider it a true "Nes Chanukah," Chanukah miracle that the court decided in favor of the Jewish family.

Halevai, if only, we didn't need such miracles...

Court Ruling Okays Family to Return to Beit Shapira in Hebron
08:38 Dec 22, '06 / 1 Tevet 5767
by Hana Levi Julian

The family of Gershon Bar Kochba has won a year-long battle to remain in its Hebron home after police forced them out of the residence more than eight months ago.

Lawyers for the family appealed to the courts after repeated evictions by police who had been ordered by Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to remove the residents from their home.

The court said in its decision this week that Israeli law prohibits a family from being evicted if it has lived in a structure more than 30 days. The judge also scolded the police for again trying to arrest Bar Kochba.

Three families, including Bar Kochba, moved into the Beit Shapira building in Hebron after it was purchased from its Arab owner.

The courts and military authorities met with the families and reached an agreement that called for them to leave their homes voluntarily until the government prepared a property contract.

The families moved out, but instead of receiving their new contract, they were soon served with an eviction notice, breaching the governmentÂ’s agreement.

Attorney General Menachem Mazuz ruled that the purchase agreement was invalid and instead issued an order to force the families out.

The Bar Kochba family later secretly moved back into their home but was again forced to leave when a policeman discovered them.

After a similar experience several days later, the family again returned to the home. This time they managed to remain there for three months before being discovered again.

This week the courtÂ’s decision gave the Jewish families the right to return home to Hebron, according to the B'Sheva weekly newspaper.

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