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Saturday, December 30, 2006

No, G-d forbid!

This had better not be true, but since the words are out, it's bad news!

In Face of Kassams, Battered Town Councils Prepare to Evacuate

Less than two weeks ago at the Annual Begin Prize Ceremony, the People of Sderot were given the Begin Prize for their heroism in the face of the ongoing barrage of kassams, the Arabs have been shooting at Sderot.

Just verbalizing the word "evacuate" creates a new reality. Words have power. And "evacuate" is a dangerous word.

The encroaching terrorism should never be victorious, but if G-d forbid, Sderot evacuates, it's a horrendous precedent.

At the Begin Ceremony, an army friend of Emanuel Moreno , one of the other recipients spoke about heroism. He talked about the line attributed to Betar legend Joseph Trumpeldor, "Tov lamut l'Artzeinu," "It's good to die for our Land." I didn't take notes, so I hope that I remember what he said. It's not that dying is good. What's good is to have strong faith, belief, attachment to our Land and motivation.

Especially in the post-Disengagement Israel, these feelings are mocked by the government and media. Everything's disposable! Homes, schools, businesses and ...land, too.

We have to stop this before our country is gone, G-d forbid!


Anonymous said...

I believe he said "tov lamut b'ad artzeinu" as he was stabbed to death by an Arab.

Frankly, this mentality has got to go. It is far better to live for our country ... and one way to do this is to get some leaders with a backbone.

Batya said...

yes, thanks