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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hanukah outing to Homesh by Yoni, Petah Tikva

Hanukah outing to Homesh by Yoni, Petah Tikva

The view from Petah Tikva

A number of buses were organised from various places in the country. A full bus left Petah Tikva and along the way we were on the lookout for army/police barrages. We did make it undisturbed to Kdumim where we met up with another bus. As we tried to leave Kdumim’s northern gate, an army jeep and a few soldiers blocked our way and an officer solemnly informed us that this was a closed military zone. With not much ado we all took our backpacks, alighted from the bus and walked right past the army jeep into the fields. Only later we heard that those buses which got to Shavei Shomron were more aggressively blocked – as can be seen from Arutz 7 reports http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=117742 .

However we (about 100 people) continued northwards unchallenged and were even treated to Shavei Shomron sufganiot on the way. We walked for about 3 hours in beautiful open landscape gazing at the far away hill where Homesh is located. As we approached, the climbing became harder, but we could hear the singing at the top of the hill. At sundown we stopped for Minha just outside Homesh – beautiful landscape and a sweeping view for miles on end.

Then we finally came into Homesh – in the failing light of the evening you would hardly notice that you were entering a community – nothing standing except the water tower – and the rubble of the buildings, picked clean of any metal or other objects, seemed to blend into the stony landscape. The only giveaways that people once lived here were the faded-red/white (no-parking) painted kerbstones, a few support walls made of Jerusalem stone, and a concrete platform or two which had once supported buildings. The young girls who were with us burst into ecstasy at finally having set foot back in the place where so many had been dragged feet-first into police vans or buses just a year and a half ago; some wanted to kiss the ground.
Then we joined the dancing, the prayers and the candle lighting.

Many had come with backpacks expecting to stay there for a few days. A “Garin” was signed-up, but the organisers probably felt that they did not have the wherewithal at this stage to maintain a prolonged presence here. However, the government learnt that, despite the mini-Amona in Shavei Shomron and unlike last year’s non-event in Kfar Maimon, the people did burst out of the gate and something like 1000 reached Homesh.

We must do this again and again until the government gets used to the fact that Jews are seen in Homesh, and then, with he help of G-d we will unfurl the tents and start rebuilding the place - and then with the help of G-d to Gush Katif!

Hanukah Sameah ,
Yoni, Petah Tikva

There were some gorgeous pictures from Yoni, but for some reason blogger wouldn't post them.

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