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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Taking Bets on When Michelle Obama is Going to Run for President?

I think we've all seen the pictures of Michelle Obama mouthing her husband's speeches, while he struggles with his teleprompter or little mini-earpiece trying to sound eloquent. And it's no secret that she's the one who had the superior law position...

And now that Hillary needs help, even with all the nasty stuff they've dug up about Trump, it's Michelle Obama who is now her star supporter. 

Now, I'm just "grading" her performance, Michelle's that is, and I see her as super far superior candidate to Hillary, Barack Hussein and Donald Trump. She has much more charisma than them all especially including the two Veeps and the daughters. I haven't read of any real dirt dug up about her. As much as I disagree with almost everything she stands for except for the healthy food, I'd say that she's easier to market than most politicians and obviously more intelligent than her husband POTUS.

My guess is that if Hillary still manages to lose the elections or has to resign for either medical or legal reasons, then Michelle will be forced to run in four years, though she may really want to wait until her younger daughter is in college to begin the primaries stumping. That would mean the 2024 elections. 

I can't see Hillary managing eight years as President of the United States, though proper coddling/cocooning by the party and staff could make it possible. I remember the Jerry and Betty Ford saying that their time in the White House was the most relaxing and easiest of their marriage, until then. He no longer had to commute between home/family and Washington DC. 

Another reason the movers and shaker of the Democratic Party may rush Michelle to run is that they really don't have anyone comparable waiting in the wings. Nobody but Bernie Sanders actually ran against Hillary in the primaries.

So, for those of you who haven't been happy with Barack Hussein Obama's policies and direction for the United States of America and dread the thought of Hillary Clinton taking over, I just wanted to warn you that maybe you ought to start packing your bags and move. It's not going to get much better...

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