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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Historic Fact: It's NOT About "The Settlements!"

שנית עמונה לא תיפול
Sheinit Amona Lo Tipol
Amona Won't Fall A Second Time

All those all over the world, here in Israel and abroad, whether informally chatting over tea, coffee or beer or in hallowed halls of parliaments, think tanks or editorial rooms who keep claiming that "it's the settlements" keeping the "Arab-Israeli conflict," sic continuing are simply full of #$%%!!@#@! to put it mildly.

Modern Shiloh neighborhoods as seen from the Biblical location of the city
Arab violence against Jews, whether they were permanent residents -yes, Jews have always lived in the Holy Land- or just visiting pilgrims, has been a regular occurrence here even before the Zionist Movement began in  1870. And that was almost eighty 80 years before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, which was nineteen 19 years before the 1967 Six Days War and subsequent "settlements," which these pseudo-historians claim is the core of the "conflict."

The 1967 Six Days War was the result of the aggression, the unabashed plans voiced very publicly by Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Jordan to destroy the State of Israel. Israel was forced to fight for its very survival and won. According to International Law and all precedent, any land conquered in such a war becomes the legal property of the victor.  So in June, 1967, when the Arab countries effectively surrendered, Israel should have very simply annexed all of the land, the Golan, Jordan Valley, Judea, Samaria and the Sinai including Gaza effectively erasing the temporary "green line" that had been drawn at the 1949 ceasefire when Arab forces which had attacked the newly established State of Israel decided to take a breather and regroup.

Communities like Shiloh, where I live, are not the cause of any so-called "conflict," and "conflict" is a very poor choice of word for the attempted annihilation/holocaust of the Jewish People that has been going on for millenia. Yes, I believe that the Arab terrorism against us here is related to the Nazi Holocaust against European Jewry and the tacit cooperation of the Western World, and prior to that there was the Spanish Inquisition ad the Crusaders among other evil and immoral efforts to destroy the Jewish People.


Shiloh said...

I disagree, it is about the settlements. Why? When a movement was invented by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler to continue on the agenda of ridding the world of us, we got in the way. We came back to the land, we built it, it flourished, we began to fulfill prophecy. So in building in the land, we did not lay down and accept the fate that great lie had for us. They gained some traction with Oslo though. If we had just given up, not built, it would not be about the settlements. They are just an excuse in political correct terms to mask their vehement hatred of us. Without the settlements, what would they have to whine about then (probably blame us for a state that cannot survive without leaching off of us)? So thank God for the settlements, it shows their true agenda of continual hatred and lies. So what is the solution to this. God put his "none people" in our way because we don't take the land He gave us. We "occupy" it, so we lose it. Just now like they are doing with the Temple mount, we don't take sovereignty, the world decides for us. These events against us will continue until we decide our destiny. Either God is with us, or its all a fraud. I say the former. But the people have to decide and so far from the politicians to the religious leaders, no one can decide our fate while the world crams it down our throats. Who are we ignoring, God!

Batya said...

As the world defines the term.

I do not follow you.

Mr. Cohen said...

Leftists and Liberals believe that successful people should be penalized for being successful.

Given that Israel is a very successful nation, what attitude can we expect from Leftists and Liberals towards Israel?

Batya said...

As a famous Israeli political/social commentator said after our 1967 victory:
"So sorry we won!"