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Monday, October 31, 2016

Blame Shimon Peres for the Ofra-Amona Problem and More

Right after Shimon Peres died, and Israelis of the Right -Pro Jewish Rights in All of the Land of Israel- were looking for nice things to say about him, they credited him with his help in establishing the very first yishuv, Jewish community, in the Shomron, north of Jerusalem. But the truth is that his pushing for the location that is now Ofra was actually a way to sabotage the community, as I explained in my post,  The Utter Irony of Shiloh for a Relocated Amona.


Peres pushed for a location that had a building. Either he ignored the possible ownership of the land in question or he, like many in the government, didn't take the settler movement, Gush Emunim, seriously as a potential power.

None of the politicians of any party, even the Right, had a clue that within a few decades there would be hundreds of thousands of Jews in Judea/Samaria. And if the government would solve the legal issues and give building permits, there would be more than double the number. 

This should not be in the hands of the Supreme Court. Prime Minister Netanyahu is wrong in leaving those Leftist ideology-driven judges to make law. The Government and Knesset are supposed to make the laws, not the Judicial branch.

In the half a century since the 1967 Six Days War we periodically hear politicians talking about annexing the Land we liberated in that war for survival, like Naftali Bennett right now. All international legal precedent is that a country that wins a war, especially a war for its very existence and survival, automatically annexes whatever land it finds in its possession. That's the way of the world.

And, yes, of course, Peres was part of the ruling team that decided Israel should do the very opposite. He and his ilk had this totally fokokt idea that the Arabs would be willing to live in peace in exchange for those "territories." This was a mistake, the infant of his "New Middle East" fantasy, which made him the darling of those trying to find a politically correct way of destroying the State of Israel.

Now, we are stuck with horrendous politicians running the country. Gd willing, someone will get the wisdom and guts to fix this mess.


Mr. Cohen said...

We Jews have only one tool powerful enough to correct our troubles:

That is one reason why avoiding talking-in-shul is a life-vs-death priority.

May I humbly suggest that the blog moderator recite the entire Sefer Tehillim every week, even if it means posting a few less messages?

I especially recommend THE METSUDAH TEHILLIM
by Rabbi Avrohom Davis, who made aliyah a few years ago.

Shiloh said...

God helps those who help themselves. We have had 2000 years of being defanged by the Mr. Cohen's of our Nation. Tefillah will do nothing without us actually taking charge of our own destiny. We have to simply annex the land which is legal in international law, not that we should care. AT any rate, yes we need someone to clean up this mess. But if the people are here, we wont believe it, we will actually fight against the idea as shown by many comments on this blog. You cant have it both ways. Time to figure it out because after the elections, the Muzrat Obama will do his best to make our lives hell here.

Batya said...

Mr. Cohen we need to do more than pray, and Shiloh, like with yin/yang if we're strong, then the Obamas of the world will weaken. It's up to the Jewish People.

Anonymous said...

Is that all he was at fault for? Just a drop in the bucket.

YJ Draiman Articles said...

The Temple that needs to be rebuilt is the Temple of our hearts.
Consider some of the less commonly discussed forms of sinat chinam (baseless hate). The divisive Israeli dichotomy of religious vs. secular is a kind of put-down, implying that anyone who doesn't observe as I do is totally separated from the Jewish faith and way of life -- not true in most cases.
Even the term "observant" can sometimes be construed as a put-down, implying that those who don't observe as I do are not observant.
Who is observant?
Who are Jews?
People who follow the Jewish way of life.
What is the Jewish way of life?
Being respectful of and loving toward all of Briyut (human beings).
When the balance tips because of a preponderance of people now following the Jewish way of life, then we will have our Temple.
May Hakadosh Baruch Hu (The Almighty) rebuild the Temple of our hearts speedily and in our time.

Anonymous said...

YjDraiman: You mean well but that is not Judaism. A real Jew is a Jew, no matter what. It's when they organize to change the Torah Laws to fit their new age thinking that is when they cross the line. Kosher style is not kosher. Better for Jews to start looking to their roots and learn (from Torah, Jewish history) and then they'll begin to understand what the 'Temple', the Beit Hamikdash, is really all about and start yearning for it, and may it truly be speedily in our time.

Batya said...

amen, 4/11/16 01:50, thanks for saying it.